Videos: HD No Doubt Clips From Last Night In New Jersey

Thanks to Laura for sending into BSO this morning, check out a couple of HD clips of “Hella Good” and “End It On This” from last night’s show in New Jersey! And a huge thanks to all the fans who sent in photos from last night — we will add them as soon as we […]

Videos: "Let's Get Back" Featuring A Fan In Toronto, CAN

Ha! Mystery solved! Although we really didn’t doubt him — George in fact did have the right lyrics — silly Gwen! Thanks to Salamon for the photo! Okay, this is Jenny, and I have to say a few words: Wooooooah! And no one deserved it more! It is so awesome so see Gwen doing this […]

Videos: Un-aired Performances Of "It's My Life" And "New" From Jimmy Kimmel

Woo! So it looks like Jimmy Kimmel aired the last two performances on his show tonight that were not included in the original broadcast last month! Sweet! It’s so nice to see since I attended the event! No Doubt performed “It’s My Life” twice during the taping.

Video: "Hollaback Girl" Featured In Upcoming DJ Hero Game

Woah — first solo news in awhile, not like it’s a bad thing (no offense, G!), but “Hollaback Girl” is going to be included in the upcoming Guitar Hero spinoff, DJ Hero. Thanks to Pocket Lint for the link, I found the video on YouTube that debuted last night. It’s actually featured in the trailer […]

Videos: No Doubt In Salt Lake City, UT

Thank you so much to Tara for sending into BSO — check out her amazing videos of the crowd singing “Happy Birthday” to Kingston and an excellent version of “Stand and Deliver” shot from the second row last night in Salt Lake City, UT! She was super lucky and Adro decided to hang around her […]

Videos: No Doubt From Bakersfield, CA

Thanks to Callie for sharing!

Videos: No Doubt On Jimmy Kimmel Live

Here are the videos that aired on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night that were taped on Monday. You can’t see us since we were way in the back, but we’re lucky we even got in! Besides these two songs, No Doubt also played “It’s My Life” twice, “New,” and “Guns of Navarone.” The following article […]

Videos: BSO Exclusives In Fresno

Videos: No Doubt Signing Autographs And Jimmy Kimmel

Here are a couple videos from from last night at Jimmy Kimmel. Tons were people were lining up at the gate on the side where the band headed to before they headed on stage. They signed autographs, talked with the paparazzi — and now we have a clear shot of King’s new doo! It’s […]

Videos: No Doubt On Ellen This Morning

Final Set Of Las Vegas Videos Added!

BSO Exclusive Complete Show Videos Added

Woo! So, I got them all up pretty much — enjoy!

BSO Exclusive Las Vegas Coverage; Merch, Setlist And Videos Added!

MORE VIDEOS ARE ON THIER WAY! EDIT Just to let everyone know that I am on my way out of Vegas and off to Fresno, California for the next show so there will be no updates till late tonight. I will try and get more videos up as well for everyone — thanks for being […]

Are You Ready?

Are you ready, No Doubters? The tour kicks off in officially a week from today in Las Vegas! BSO will be there all week bringing you the latest — video updates will be on the way as well! We leave on Tuesday for Vegas, and then will be flying to California on Sunday for Jimmy […]

No Doubt Thanks Fans For "Just A Girl" Videos

Taken from the official site, No Doubt updated thier post about asking fans to submit “Just A Girl” videos to them thanking fans for all the submissions! All three BSO webmasters submitted one — I hope at least one of ours makes us! We’ll record the montage in Vegas for everyone to check out! Hello […]