Download: No Doubt Live in Hawaii 1998

Aloha! After going through some of my old data discs, I came across No Doubt’s full show from their mini-Hawaiian tour in Oahu back on May 2, 1998 held at Richardson Field. It’s been circulated online in the past but since I haven’t seen it in awhile, I added the full show’s audio to the […]

Flashback Friday: No Doubt Live in Dallas 2001

For today’s Flashback Friday, we’re looking back at No Doubt’s full live set from November 25, 2001. The band opened up for U2 on the Elevation tour in Dallas, Texas at the Reunion Arena (it was their last appearance on the tour). It was a huge deal for No Doubt to hit the road with […]

"Hella Good" Being Immortalized On Florida Universal Studios Rollercoaster

Thank you so much to Alexander for sending in, but apparently some large video screens were installed for the Rockit rollercoaster at Universal Studios in Florida, and the “Hella Good” video is being featured! According to a new article from, you’ll be able to pick your own soundtrack when you’re on the ride — […]

Video: No Doubt Teased Fans With "Tragic Kingdom" For A Birthday Request

Thanks to Shawn for sending in his photos! How awesome! Aww! No Doubt played not even half of “Tragic Kingdom” last night in New Jersey… “a little taste” or the “diet version” as Gwen said. A fan emailed me his story — he requested on a sign for the band to play the song for […]

Janelle Monae And Hayley Williams Joined Band Onstage For "Stand And Deliver"

We’re still waiting for a video — but thanks to Bill for sending BSO the photo! Hopefully a video will be coming up shortly, but Gwen invited both Hayley Williams from Paramore and east coast opener Janelle Monae onstage with her tonight in Verona, New York during “Stand and Deliver!” We’ll update more with the […]

Video: "Just A Girl" Fan Footage; Video Not Being Featured On Tour

Wow, well what a let down. So, after months of questioning why No Doubt was not showing the “Just A Girl” fan footage that hundreds of fans sent in… we now have an answer. And it’s not good. Apparently after months of trying to incorporate the footage into the tour… it’s not happening. So, our […]

Videos: No Doubt Teased Audience With "Let's Get Back" In Camden

Woah! It’s about time! No Doubt teased the audience with about a minute and a half of old school favorite “Let’s Get Back” last night in Camden, New Jersey! Apparently Gwen had a hard time with the words, and was played by request for a fan’s birthday. I don’t think that was the only case […]

MTV Video: Behind The Scenes Of Gwen's Elle Cover Shoot

MTV Shows MTV also posted another video of behind the scenes footage of Gwen during her Elle photo shoot shot over a month ago. This video shows more stuff and shows off the racks of clothing and accessories.

Video: Behind The Scenes At Gwen's Elle Cover Shoot

I went ahead and ripped and uploaded Elle’s exclusive behind the scenes video of her cover shoot for the July music issue — on sale July 15th. She looks amazing and so many of those shots could have easily made the cover!

More Photos Added From Gwen's Shoot To; More Interview Excerpts

More of the article below taken from On being a mother: “It’s one thing when you have an infant, but when you have this two-or three-year-old going, ‘Mommy, what’s the deal?’ it’s harder. Kingston’s whole thing is, ‘I need, I need.’ He is insane right now. We’re just hoping for the best and that […]

Tour Updates Including Set Lists, Photos, And Posters — Help!

Just wanted to give you tour followers a heads up that I have been keeping up with all the news going on including set lists, limited edition tour posters, photos, and more. Please keep your submissions coming — we have had so many donations to BSO from the tour, it’s been incredible! And we’re just […]

Video: Chrisette Michelle Covering "Don't Speak" For Pepsi Smash

Amazing! Pop singer Chrisette Michele performed a cover of ND’s “Don’t Speak” for an exclusive Yahoo! Pepsi Smash cover art special. It’s really good, and having the video play in the background is always a plus!

Video: Crowd Sings "Happy Birthday" To Kingston Last Night In Salt Lake City

Thanks to 2perishable for sharing with us, Gwen brought up Kingston on stage and asked the crowd to join in a round of “Happy Birthday” for him. King turns three years old today! Perez Hilton is also reporting it on his website, also mentioned is this morning, saying Gwen brought him out asking if […]

Video: No Doubt Interview And Tour Footage From CNN

Embedded video from CNN Video Thanks to Christina, a new video inerview has been posted on CNN with No Doubt taken from their tour rehearsal in Ontario a couple weeks ago. It’s neat cause they show performance clips of “Bathwater” and rare club tour footage from 1999. But they talk about traveling in separate buses […]

Video: Stage Diver Pisses Gwen Off In Chula Vista

Thanks to kobefan131 for uploading and sharing, apparently a stage diver got on stage last night in Chula Vista, and Gwen was not very happy, and ruined “Sunday Morning.” The stage diver busted up some guy’s face by jumping on him and his girlfriend. You can tell how Gwen’s mood just drops after the incident […]