Rumor Patrol: Gwen Wrote Three Tracks For Upcoming Kim Kardashian Album

According to The Examiner, Gwen has written three songs for reality star Kim Kardashian’s upcoming debut album. They don’t list anymore details, and Gwen will not be present in the studio with her. She apparently also gave the ‘OK’ for Kim to cover “Don’t Speak” on her album as well. Yikes… can’t wait to hear […]

Gwen Presenting At Bravo! A-List Awards April 15

Wooo! Yay! It turns out Gwen will be presenting at the Bravo! A-List Awards on Wednesday, April 15. It doesn’t say anything about the whole band though…taken from BRAVO ANNOUNCES PRESENTERS AND PERFORMERS FOR THE SECOND ANNUAL “THE A-LIST AWARDS” GWEN STEFANI, NEIL PATRICK HARRIS, JENNY MCCARTHY, EMILY PROCTER, CHELSEA HANDLER, TORI SPELLING, THE […]

Friends And Family Show Taking Place In Las Vegas

Gah! And only if I knew where! Thanks to Donna, her radio station were giving away tickets and were entering fans in a grand prize to fly them out to Las Vegas for the band’s infamous “friends and family” show. I was thinking it would take place before the Atlantic City or Bamboozle dates earlier […]

2009 Tour Ticketing FAQ; All Pit Tickets Were Released, Tour Club Site Going Live

Well, I guess the band could see our frustration and all the repetitive threads on the forum, but they decided to release a list of 2009 tour ticketing frequently asked questions (faqs) on their official site for all of us. It answers some good questions about the presale, check out some of the important ones […]

Paramore Fans Pre-Sale After No Doubt Pre-Sale This Thursday

Woo! We can all breathe a little better now cause apparently Paramore fans will also be getting a pre-sale for the tour…after we do. Much after we do, actually (sorry Paramore fans!). This is for everyone who is/was freaking out about Paramore fans taking advantage of the good tickets for the No Doubt fans who […]

Rumored Complete List Of Tour Dates

Geez! Just call this “tour day 2009,” but sadly nothing is official yet! So, I don’t know how helpful these are to people, but it looks like this could be the official list. It looks similar to the one in the last post, minus the ones I pointed out that looked fake. So, take what […]

No Doubt Tour Club Starts On Thursday

Yeay! On my payday! So, according to, the No Doubt Tour Club will start on this Thursday (February 26) at 4 PM EST and closes the following Sunday, March 1 at 4 PM EST., which also means we will FINALLY have tour dates this week! No Doubt Fan Club Start: Thu, 02/26/09 04:00 PM […]

Rumor Patrol: No Doubt Playing Three Warmup Gigs At House Of Blues

So…I don’t know where this guy is getting all this “info,” but apparently forumer GwenNbush (the same one who hacked into Livenations site) heard that No Doubt are planning three warmup gigs at the House of Blues Sunset Strip in West Hollywood. Nothing is listed on the website right now, and looking at the schedule, […]

Rumor Patrol: No Doubt Playing Irvine Medows July 31 and August 1

Woo! I’m getting closer to planning my California trip! Thanks so much to Gwensahottie for calling and updating us, apparently he gave southern California venus Irvine Medows and asked for information on No Doubt’s upcoming tour, and they told him that they were playing two back-to-back shows there July 31 and August 1! How exciting! […]

Tampa, FL Date Taken Off Of Livenation

So…I don’t know what’s going on (maybe they put it up before they were supposed to or something?), but the Tampa, Florida date scheduled for June 2 has been taken off the website, which was going on sale on March 2. Hmm…sorry guys. I’ll leave it listed on the site until the real dates are […]

Tiger Jam Tickets Start At $54; Gwen Talks About The Show

Ticket prices for Tiger Jam in Las Vegas are starting at $54, and it looks like it will not be general admission. Anyways, here is a little more information on the benefit show and a quote from Gwen as well on how excited she is about it. Taken from Saturday evening’s highlights will include […]

Rumor Patrol: Tour Dates Coming At End Of Week Or Early Next Week

So…thanks to Gwen’s My Life from the forum, it was mentioned on Mexican news (in Mexico) this morning that that tour dates “should be announced later this week or early next week.” It also seems like they are hoping that No Doubt take a turn down there as well, considering Adro did mention that they […]

Official Pre-Sale Site Taken Down

Remember the pre-sale site that I mentioned about a week ago that was re-launched for the upcoming tour? Well, it looks like it was already taken down. It now has a little gray box that reads This site can only be accessed from within the official site. If you believe you have reached this page […]

More Info On Tiger Jam And Rumored Ticket Price

Woo! So, it’s official that we will be attending Tiger Jam in Las Vegas May 16th, so BSO will bring you all the latest photos, videos, setlists, and whatnot from the kickoff show, which is going to be amazing! We convinced our family to extend our Vegas vacation by one day, so we’ll see you […]

No Doubt Kicks Off Tour In Las Vegas May 16th For Tiger Jam

Hoooooly crap! Guess who might be attending No Doubt’s kick-off show in Las Vegas, May 16th? I’ll be there that week and might be extending my vacation by one day to see them! Anyways, I’m suuuper excited just wanted to share… NO DOUBT ARE KICKING OFF THEIR TOUR IN LAS VEGAS, MAY 16TH AT THE […]