On this day 16 years ago…

Tragic Kingdom was released! Today is the 16th anniversary of the album. Celebrate with us! What is your favorite Tragic Kingdom song?

Video: No Doubt Teased Fans With "Tragic Kingdom" For A Birthday Request

Thanks to Shawn for sending in his photos! How awesome! Aww! No Doubt played not even half of “Tragic Kingdom” last night in New Jersey… “a little taste” or the “diet version” as Gwen said. A fan emailed me his story — he requested on a sign for the band to play the song for […]

No Doubt Played "Tragic Kingdom" Tonight In Boston; VIDEOS ADDED!

Ah! Here it is! No Doubt performed “Tragic Kingdom” last night in Boston, MA! How amazing! Gwen mentioned that it has been 12 years since the band performed it last — it sounded amazing! It’s one of my favorite songs live, and they did such a good job. I hope the band continues playing it! […]

Gwen Stefani: Lead Singer Disease

MSN posted a new slideshow of photos featuring lead singers from bands who broke the mold and found themselves outside of the band. Kind of rude commentary, but a sweet photo of Gwen was included. The article is featured on the main page, and Gwen is in the banner. No Doubt were once a band. […]

For Your Viewing Pleasure…

Oh yeah! Gwen brought back the cut-off wife beater! We love it! And Tony’s new Rude Boy bass? We added tons of new photos from the tour from the last week and a half to the gallery — thanks again to everyone who has been sending stuff in! Keep it coming!

No Doubt Try To Give "Girl" Power To American Idol

So it seems that ND performance on American Idol is getting mixed reviews online, but the majority seem positive, and people are so glad that they are back. Gwen rocked out last night like it was a flashback to the Tragic Kingdom days — even looking the part as well! This was found on MTV […]

BSO's Seven Days Of No Doubt – Day 7: "Move On," 1996

And we saved the best for last. This is one of our favorite ND performances, ever. Here is them with “Move On” at the Sol Rock Festival in 1996. Sadly, the video is labeled “Total Hate,” but it still rocks. Gwen is sporting the infamous yellow bondage pants (that a lot of fans hold a […]

Final Video: Seven Days Of No Doubt – Vol. 7: "Spiderwebs"

Tony says that “Spiderwebs” was written at his parents’ house in Yorbalinda, California with him and Gwen sitting on his bed with a four-track recorder. The initial inspiration was Blondie’s cover of “The Tide Is High” (interesting, we always wished they would cover that song). Tony also wanted to point out that that is one […]

Seven Days Of No Doubt – Vol. 6: "Just A Girl"

The second to last video of the Seven Days of No Doubt series was posted today, the band discussed “Just A Girl” this time. Nothing new in the video either, just Gwen talking about how the she had the lyric for awhile cause she was in a band with all guys, all her friends we’re […]

No Doubt Discuss "Happy Now?" In Third Video From New Series; YouTube Video Added

In the new video, the band gets together and talks about “Happy Now?” this time (eeek!) and Tom mentions that it was a song that Gwen just had the lyrics and melody in her head with no music. Gwen calls the song “controversial” and the “perfect revenge song.” Tom says he remembers the lyrics being […]

On This Day In No Doubt History…

On this day in No Doubt history… The $5,000 dress that Gwen Stefani wore on the cover of No Doubt’s 1995 album Tragic Kingdom was stolen from a museum in California in 2005. Looks like Vouge got thier facts wrong, Gwen has stated that she bought the red dress from Contempo Casual for like $20 […]

Audition Songs For Female Singers: Hits Of The 90s

Thanks so much to Bender for sending in, but you can order a new songbook called Audition Songs For Female Singers: Hits of the 90s from UK site musicroom.com, which features piano tabs and lyrics for “Don’t Speak.” Plus, Gwen is also featured on the cover of the book, which is prett neat! The book […]

Off Topic: Trapped In A Box Covering "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da"

Since it’s been a slow week, I decided to post a video that I found on YouTube. It’s a band called Trapped In A Box (nice) and they are covering The Beatles’ “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da,” which No Doubt covered on thier Tragic Kingdom tour. They do a pretty cute job, of course it’s a ska/reggae version. […]

Top Star Transformations

Gwen Stefani isn’t ashamed to admit that she enjoys being a girl. “I know I’m vain,” she has said. “I have so much makeup—I’m not kidding.” Her bold ’40s-style lips are so iconic that she skips the lippy when she doesn’t want to be recognized. But with a career that includes fronting the pop-ska band […]

"Don't Speak" voted #8 on Best Ballads by VH1

“Don’t Speak” was voted #8 on VH1’s countdown of the Best Ballads. The song was released in 1997 and is taken from Tragic Kingdom.