Rumor Patrol: No Doubt Touring South America Starting In November!

Woah! Thanks to nd_return, according to, it’s rumored that No Doubt will be performing in Mexico on August 14 (here is the date on Eventful) — which apparently they will be heading to a week after San Diego. And now there are a whole list of dates listed on starting in November in […]

Just Added: No Doubt at Gibson Amphitheatre July 22

Woah…they are going all out for the Cali fans this tour! The band has just added ANOTHER Los Angeles date at Gibson on July 22. Taken from this morning. We are not heading to any of the LA shows but we will see you for the last two in Irvine! The tickets will be […]

No Doubt’s Sweet Deal: Buy A Concert Ticket, Get Their Entire Catalog

Just in case you needed a little extra incentive to buy tickets for No Doubt’s upcoming reunion tour, the band has announced a special deal: they’re giving away a free digital download of their entire catalog, from 1992’s No Doubt to 2003’s greatest hits comp The Singles, to each person who purchases a full-priced ticket. […]


OFFICIAL TOUR DATES HAVE BEEN ANNOUNCED ON TOUR SPONSOR LIVENATION’S WEBSITE. WE HAVE POSTED THE DATES BELOW – STILL WAITING FOR A STATEMENT FROM THE BAND. THE WAIT IS OVER! And we can now express how much we looove Livenation! They have just posted all 45 dates on their website for us. So it looks […]

Rumored Complete List Of Tour Dates

Geez! Just call this “tour day 2009,” but sadly nothing is official yet! So, I don’t know how helpful these are to people, but it looks like this could be the official list. It looks similar to the one in the last post, minus the ones I pointed out that looked fake. So, take what […]

Whole Bunch Of New Dates Added; Hammerstein Show On The 11th?

Woah. The forum has been crazy and the fans are getting crazier, me included. Alot of dates have been leaked by Musictoday from all the fans calling and begging for SOMETHING, and they have been letting out. The following are what we have mapped out so far…what does everyone think? 45 dates are being played, […]

More Dates In Canada and New York Revealed

Has to be quick, sorry I’m heading off to lunch, but thanks to George for giving MusicToday a call and got some more confirmed dates for us. We’ll add them to the tour page a little later, enjoy you Canadian and New York fans! Toronto, ON- The Air Canada Centre – June 16th Montreal, ON- […]

New Tour Dates For Texas And Conneticut Listed On Ticketmaster

We just recently announced that we should be expecting the full list of dates by Thursday, since that’s when the tickets go on sale through the tour club, but just listed 2 more dates for the upcoming tour, one in Texas and one in Conneticut. Woodlands Pavilion Woodlands, TX Sun, May 31, 2009 07:30 […]

More Unconfirmed Dates Added To The Tour Page

No Doubt don’t get mad at me! I’m just a messenger! So…I don’t know if this is wrong of me to post these…and I do feel bad about it, don’t get me wrong…but a guy from the forum hacked into the Livenation website (I know, I know…) and found some more dates for the tour […]

Rumor Patrol: No Doubt Booked For Shoreline July 25

We’re getting sooo close! Thanks to whiskas from the forum, she gave Shoreline in Mountain View, California a call and they told her No Doubt was scheduled there for July 25…meaning it looks like No Doubt might be winding the tour down in California at the end of July/early August! I’ll start adding the unconfirmed […]

Rumor Patrol: Tour Dates Coming At End Of Week Or Early Next Week

So…thanks to Gwen’s My Life from the forum, it was mentioned on Mexican news (in Mexico) this morning that that tour dates “should be announced later this week or early next week.” It also seems like they are hoping that No Doubt take a turn down there as well, considering Adro did mention that they […]

Tour Club Pre-Sale Website Re-Launched; Still No Dates

Now don’t get too excited just quite yet… But No Doubt did re-launch their musictoday website (which has been added to our official links list), where you will be able to access pre-sales and tour club information soon. This is what Gwen used for The Sweet Escape tour club in 2007, and seems to be […]

Rumor Patrol: More Rumored Tour Cities Posted On Random Ticket Website

So…I don’t know how real these ones are from are, but it seems lame that fake dates are now being published on websites, rather then just dumped on the forum. Anyways, if they are real, they seem to be leaving alot of cities out, including the Pacific Northwest, where I’m from (but I plan […]

Rumor Patrol: North American Rumored Tour Dates

Eh, I’m about 95% sure these are fake, but I figured I should post them anyways. Forumer MichiganMike posted these on the forum this evening…and nothing else. There is currently NO SOURCE for these dates, nothing on, nothing. A couple of the dates are being doubted cause of thier locations. If anybody can verify […]