Flashback Friday: No Doubt Live in Dallas 2001

For today’s Flashback Friday, we’re looking back at No Doubt’s full live set from November 25, 2001. The band opened up for U2 on the Elevation tour in Dallas, Texas at the Reunion Arena (it was their last appearance on the tour). It was a huge deal for No Doubt to hit the road with […]

OMFG: Band Teased Fans With "Squeal" Last Night In Cleveland

I need to learn to breathe! After years, and years, and years of requesting… I think old school fan’s dreams might be coming true soon! No Doubt played a mini-instrumental version of “Squeal” last night when Gwen pulled up a fan onstage and talked to the audience. Ahh — just hearing the drum intro gave […]

Just Released – The No Doubt TV iPhone App

Pretty sweet! No Doubt have just added a new No Doubt TV App for your iPhone (which you can download from iTunes) where you can watch videos, browse photos from the tour, chat with fans, and more. The application is free (even better!) and is available now. This was found on nodoubt.com this evening, and […]

Videos: HD No Doubt Clips From Last Night In New Jersey

Thanks to Laura for sending into BSO this morning, check out a couple of HD clips of “Hella Good” and “End It On This” from last night’s show in New Jersey! And a huge thanks to all the fans who sent in photos from last night — we will add them as soon as we […]

Band Interviewed On New York's News 4 Tomorrow Morning; Video Added!

Thanks so much to Maribeth for the heads up, a commercial was running this afternoon mentioning there will be an interview with the band showing tomorrow morning on News 4 in New York City. Make sure to check out the show — it airs 5:00 AM – 7:00 AM. Make sure someone tapes it so […]

More Tour Photos Added To Official Site; BSO Needs Your Help

Sweet! It’s about time! No Doubt just added more photos from the tour to the official site this morning. It’s really nice to have some professional shots from later on in the set. They have some incredible black and white shots! Unfortunately they don’t specify dates on them so I just created a misc. album […]

How To Get Gwen's Elliott Tie-Dye Jeans Featured In Elle And On Tour

Since a lot of fans have been wondering where they can get a pair of the amazing Elliott blue and white cow printed tie-dye jeans that Gwen rocked in Elle and on the tour, Denimology posted a link to where you can pick them up. They currently run for $224 and you can purchase the […]

No Doubt Played "Tragic Kingdom" Tonight In Boston; VIDEOS ADDED!

Ah! Here it is! No Doubt performed “Tragic Kingdom” last night in Boston, MA! How amazing! Gwen mentioned that it has been 12 years since the band performed it last — it sounded amazing! It’s one of my favorite songs live, and they did such a good job. I hope the band continues playing it! […]

Photo: No Doubt Takes A Tour Of Niagara Falls

Thanks to vigilair for sharing, I noticed the other day on Steve’s Facebook that he added photos from his trip to Niagara Falls. Apparently the whole band was there (minus Gwen it looks like.) A tour guide update his blog about giving the band a tour of the famous landmark. How exciting would that be! […]

Gwen Stefani Is Exhausted

Taken from showbizspy.com (which I take with a grain of salt), Gwen apparently is feeling exhausted right now, which I don’t blame her… she does have a lot on hr plate right now. She claims that she is really happy though at the moment, and is thrilled to still be doing what she’s doing after […]

Tom Interview: "Envy Is Not Something I Subscribe To"

Tom gave a new interview with syracuse.com about the band’s reunion and reconnecting after so much time. He also doesn’t say there wasn’t envy towards Gwen going solo and her success, but it was defiantly an emotional time for all of them. He talks about the new album and how it’s exciting to be able […]

Dumont's Guitar Blog: Duotone, Refinished

Oooh, pretty! Tom updated his Guitar Blog this morning about how the tour has been going well for all of them — but can be exhausting at some times. He also showed off his new Duotone, which is an acoustic and electric guitar all in one! Fancy! Hello everyone! The tour has been going well. […]

No Doubt Filming Tour — No Plans Yet On Releasing Live CD/DVD

Found on Billboard this morning, the band gave a new interview with the magazine about how things are going on the tour. I noticed this from the photos from Atlantic City, but Todd Stefani has been filming the band’s shows, and the article mentions how the band have no intentions of releasing a live CD […]

New Band Interview On Their Favorite Songs, Writing, And The Reunion

No Doubt gave a new interview with thewhig.com about how the song writing process is going, their favorite songs to play on tour, and how it feels being perceived as a “nostalgia” act. The interview took place as a conference call with Canadian reporters — they play Toronto, CAN tonight. The band thinks going out […]

New Poll: Which Of Gwen's Outfits On This Tour Is Your Favorite?

We added a new poll — we want to know which of Gwen’s outfits on this tour is your favorite! Please cast your vote now! You can access the poll on the left under the bandhouse. Thanks everyone in advance!