Tony Kanal: “The new layouts look awesome!”

Tony took some time out tonight on Twitter to give us and our fellow fansite Everything In Time a shout out on our new layouts. We <3 you Tony! You and the band inspire us everyday! Thanks for the tweet! 🙂 “@beaconstreet @EITnd the new layouts look awesome! as always thank you for your incredible […]

The Boys Writing Songs With Operator Please Singer Amandah Wilkinson

Thanks to Rosie for finding, according to, the boys have been writing tracks with lead singer of Australia’s Operator Please, Amandah Wilkinson, for upcoming tracks for the Aussie band’s new album. It doesn’t list any more information on the project, and I don’t know how it’s going down, but it says it is confirmed… […]

New Tony Interview With LVRJ; Thinking Seriously About Children

Tony gave a new interview with Las Vegas Review Journal and talked about how good it feels to be back with the group after five years, but of course he kept himself busy during the downtime. He actually bought a house with girlfriend Erin about three years ago and has spent time fixing it up, […]

"Don't Speak" On Top 10 Love Songs Of The 90s

This isn’t surprising — it rocks! Taken from ‘Don’t Speak’ by No Doubt – Gwen Stefani’s breakup with bandmate Tony Kanal was the inspiration for this angst-filled hit. It had to be awkward for the two playing this broken love song together, but they weathered the storm of their breakup, and the band went […]

Tony And Erin At I "Heart" Ronson Launch Party

Looks like Tony and Erin showed up last night for the I “Heart” Ronson Launch Party held at Bar Marmont in Los Angeles last night. The couple looked amazing…and what is that? A ring? TONY! ERIN! FESS UP! WHAT’S GOING ON! More photos here

Video Interviews From 2000 Showcasing Studio And 1999 Club Tour Footage

I know some people have probably seen them, but I know a lot have not. These are a couple of AWESOME interviews with Gwen and Tony from the Return of Saturn era, early 2000, about the record, 80s music, how Tony is into lipgloss, and more from Canada’s MuchMusic. It’s awesome in the sense how […]

Tony Reveals Band Might Bust Out "Deeper Album Tracks"; New Material On Gwen's iPod

Thanks so much to our good buddy Rosie for breaking down for us, apparently Tony revealed a little more in a recent interview with Baltimore radio station. Gwen is apparently really into The Killers right now (we are too!) and has new ND material on her iPod! Woo! We’re jealous! He mentioned that along with […]

No Doubt Create Touring Recording Studio

Gwen mentioned this in her recent interview with Ryan Seacrest, that Tony decided to bring along a recording-bus along with the band on the road for when they get inspired. A new article on Digital Spy gives a little more insight on it. No Doubt have revealed that they are taking a studio on the […]

New Tony Interview With Alice 105.9

I’m trying to rip it at the moment, but it’s being a pain. Anyways, so just got to the station’s website to stream it for now. Thanks to Rosie, Tony gave a new radio interview with Colorado’s Alice 105.9 yesterday. He said that the band is so excited to head out on the road. They […]

Seven Days Of No Doubt – Volume 5: "Hey Baby"

The fifth installment of the Seven Days of No Doubt was put up today, and the boys (minus Gwen) discussed the making of “Hey Baby.” Nothing really new at all, but we did hear from Tony that U2’s Bono came in while the band was mixing the song and layed his own freestyle vocals on […]

No Doubt Discuss "Happy Now?" In Third Video From New Series; YouTube Video Added

In the new video, the band gets together and talks about “Happy Now?” this time (eeek!) and Tom mentions that it was a song that Gwen just had the lyrics and melody in her head with no music. Gwen calls the song “controversial” and the “perfect revenge song.” Tom says he remembers the lyrics being […]

No Doubt's Ticket Plan Takes Aim At Scalpers; Tony Interviewed; Cincinnati Stop Dropped From Tour

Wow, well I guess this explains why there was a shortage FAST on tickets through the tour club yesterday. I tried for Irvine last night and they were gone in the first minute (thankfully a cool chick is hooking me up!) But anyways, it looks like they only set aside 10% of the tickets for […]

Tony Arriving At 12th Annual "Friends and Family" Grammy Pre-Party

The No Doubt boys hit the Grammy circut in style this year! We added photos of Tony arriving at the 12th Annual “Friends and Family” Grammy Pre-Party last night to the gallery. More photos here

A Note From Tom; Loved His E-Card!

Tom just updated the official site with a new blog/new photo of him (and Tony and Gwen in the background) today! He also mentioned something about “enormodomes” for the upcoming tour, which leaves me to believe they are doing arenas…hmm… hi there everyone. Tom here. just blogging today from the little home studio at Gwen’s […]

Tony: Happy Holidays!

Tony posted a message on the official website this morning wishing fans a Happy Holiday! Hey Everyone! With the holidays upon us, I wanted to thank you all for the ongoing love and support you have given us over the past 22 years. We are so fueled by your enthusiasm and excitement and we can’t […]