Rumor Patrol: Gwen Appearing On Sean Kingston's New Album?

So, this is just a rumor, but according to Jamaican pop singer Sean Kingston’s Wikipedia, his new album, Tomorrow, features Gwen and Timbaland on a track called “Red Dress.” There is also a track, which this one I highly doubt because it also features Lady GaGa AND Pink named “Candy From A Stranger.” The album […]

Timbaland Responds To False Shock Value 2 Reports

Finally! Timbaland is now confirming that there is NO “MELTDOWN” being released, all lies! He is also being mum if she will even be on the album, so don’t believe what you read anymore! No Gwen/Timbaland collaboration as of yet, which he didn’t rule out though. Also meaning there is no truth to the “Ice […]

Rumor Patrol: Gwen now being featured on Timbaland's "Ice Queen" with Akon?

Thanks so much to Goldmedal for letting us know, apparently according to a new “tracklisting” for the upcoming Timbaland album, Gwen will be featured on the song titled “Ice Queen,” that also features Akon. Sadly, there is no real source at the moment as well, why can’t the album come out so we can figure […]

Rumor Patrol: No "Meltdown"

So…it looks like those rumors about Gwen collaborating with Timbaland and Justin Timberlake on “Meltdown,” the first single from Timbaland’s new album, Shock Value ll, are…not true. What a shocker. The original source (via Perez Hilton…I know, I know) was said to be from MTV, and the single was being released to radio today, and […]

More on Timbaland and Gwen collaboration

Eh, Perez Hilton posted a blog about the upcoming Timbaland release, and mentioned the first single, “Meltdown,” which appparently features Gwen and Justin Timberlake on vocals. He just rehashes basically what was in the last article, but is quoting the source as MTV…interesting… Timbaland is coming out with a new album, and – once again […]