Janelle Monae And Hayley Williams Joined Band Onstage For "Stand And Deliver"

We’re still waiting for a video — but thanks to Bill for sending BSO the photo! Hopefully a video will be coming up shortly, but Gwen invited both Hayley Williams from Paramore and east coast opener Janelle Monae onstage with her tonight in Verona, New York during “Stand and Deliver!” We’ll update more with the […]

Video: Full "Stand And Deliver" Featuring Paramore And The Sounds From Virginia Beach

Check out the full video for “Stand and Deliver” featuring Paramore and The Sounds thanks to a Paramore fan on YouTube. It was also said that this might become a regular thing since the bands joined them onstage last night in Camden, NJ.

Video: Paramore And The Sounds Join No Doubt On "Stand And Deliver"

Cute! Not only did No Doubt bring back “Stand and Deliver” into the set list, but last night in Virginia Beach, Paramore and The Sounds joined the band onstage for the song! We we’re wondering when something like this would happen! We only have a short clip for now, but the sound is pretty good. […]

Videos: No Doubt In Salt Lake City, UT

Thank you so much to Tara for sending into BSO — check out her amazing videos of the crowd singing “Happy Birthday” to Kingston and an excellent version of “Stand and Deliver” shot from the second row last night in Salt Lake City, UT! She was super lucky and Adro decided to hang around her […]

'Gossip Girl' Star Leighton Meester Is Bummed She Missed No Doubt

MTV Shows Gossip Girl actress Leighton Meester apparently is a huge No Doubt fan and was bummed she missed the band’s performance for the show. No Doubt shot their performance in Los Angeles while Leighton was shooting in New York. Taken from MTV this afternoon. Less than a week after appearing live on “American Idol,” […]

Video: Full Version Of "Stand And Deliver" On Gossip Girl

No Doubt – Stand and Deliver (2009) Yay! Thanks to Fabio for ripping, we uploaded the full video for “Stand and Deliver” to our MySpace since I was afraid it would be removed from YouTube if I uploaded it there. This is the full version of just No Doubt’s performance, and could be even considered […]

Gwen On "Stand And Deliver": "This Song Is Perfect For Me"

So usaweekend.com gave a couple of new cute quotes this morning from Gwen on how she thinks the lyrics to “Stand and Deliver” are perfect for her. This was taken out the same interview the band gave with the newspaper last week, but it looks like a lot was left out! I hope we get […]

Video: Full No Doubt Performance Of "Stand And Deliver" On Gossip Girl

Thanks to Jillian for finding, the CW just added No Doubt’s FULL “live” performance of “Stand and Deliver” that will be featured in the upcoming Gossip Girl episode airing next Monday. It’s pretty close to a music video for it if you ask me — no dialogue is included, just straight! Sadly, it’s protected so […]

VH1 News Video: More Footage From Borgata Tour Rehearsal

Yay! I saw this on TV a couple days ago and was wondering if it was going to show up online… thanks Jillian! But VH1.com just posted more footage of the band rehearsing at the Borgata on April 29, showcasing “Stand and Deliver.” It shows a really, super duper cute clip of Gwen bringing out […]

Televised Gossip Girl Promo For Next Week

Cute! There is just a mini shot of the band performing, but “Stand and Deliver” is featured in the background, and we love the “just a girl” reference, nice.

Videos: "Stand and Deliver" Live From Bamboozle!

First video! Thank you so much livsternikster — it’s amazing live! ND! Please keep it for the tour! EDIT Thanks to our lovely Christina for finding — here is a longer version of the performance and is great sound quality! The whole drumline intro at the beginning is so awesome! An mp3 of it should […]

Watch The New No Doubt Videos On YouTube

For your information, these are not new. Here are the recent ND video messages that the band posted to their official site in the last week or so. Th first one is the video of them asking for your help with the “Just A Girl” video, and the second one is Gwen explaining why they […]

No Doubt Update Fans With New Video; "Stand And Deliver" Added To Bamboozle's Setlist

What a day! Thanks to Gwen, she just updated the official site with some news about how tour rehearsals are going well, and they have been playing with “Stand and Deliver” live and WILL BE ADDED to the Bamboozle setlist, and if all goes well, will be added to the tour setlist! Please, ND! Gwen […]

No Doubt Go '80s With New Cover, 'Gossip Girl' Cameo

No Doubt shot their Gossip Girls segment last month covering “Stand and Deliver,” but MTV Radio spoke with the show’s executive producer and he says that is “all looks great.” In 2003, they released a cover of Talk Talk’s 1984 hit “It’s My Life,” which earned them a Grammy nom. Then, early Wednesday morning (April […]

"Stand And Deliver" Hitting The Radio; Reviews Start Hitting The Net

Woooah! Thanks to a bunch of fans who e-mailed me this morning — it looks like “Stand and Deliver” is already hitting the radio waves! That was quick! According to Tom, they had no intentions of putting the song out or anything on the radio or TV (minus Gossip Girls) — how amazing! It’s already […]