OMFG: Band Teased Fans With "Squeal" Last Night In Cleveland

I need to learn to breathe! After years, and years, and years of requesting… I think old school fan’s dreams might be coming true soon! No Doubt played a mini-instrumental version of “Squeal” last night when Gwen pulled up a fan onstage and talked to the audience. Ahh — just hearing the drum intro gave […]

No Doubt Being Featured On Upcoming Guitar Hero 5

Holy crap! In more gaming news, Activision already announced plans for a fifth installment of Guitar Hero, but just posted a list of official names of artists being included in the game — and No Doubt is one of them! Too bad it doesn’t list song titles, but we would love to see something […]

Gwen Thinks Every Time She Writes A Song It's A "Miracle"

Taken from Yahoo! this morning, here is a cute little article featuring a recent quote from Gwen to MTV last week about how writing a songs. She considers them “miracles,” and how it’s such a reward writing a hit song. Gwen Stefani says songwriting is “like having a baby”. The No Doubt rocker – who […]

"The Sweet Escape" Used In New UK Next TV Advertisement

Thanks to debs0072 from the NDC for pointing out, a new television commercial advertisement for UK’s Next clothing line was just released using “The Sweet Escape” in the background. Here’s a little more about the commercial and how the song was perfect for the summer. On a perfect summer’s day, Emanuela dreams of a holiday […]