Gwen Stefani: Lead Singer Disease

MSN posted a new slideshow of photos featuring lead singers from bands who broke the mold and found themselves outside of the band. Kind of rude commentary, but a sweet photo of Gwen was included. The article is featured on the main page, and Gwen is in the banner. No Doubt were once a band. […]

New Tom Interview On Gwen, The Tour, And Going Back To Old Sounds For Album

Tom recently gave a new interview with Orlando’s about how the band is getting back into their groove during the tour now, it seems to be going really well. He also thinks recording the new album is really important is what they need to do, but doing the tour is getting the back to […]

New Tom Interview With Arizona Central; Experimenting With New Sound Effects And Layering

Thanks to Mikey for sending into us, Tom gave a great new interview with Arizona Central about how the band never had a doubt they wouldn’t regroup, but Gwen did come to the band directly laying down how she wasn’t quitting the band, but just needed to do “her thing.” He actually goes into really […]

SPIN Exclusive: Four Questions With No Doubt

So, it’s good to know that we are not the only ones frustrated with everyone calling this a “reunion tour,” the band sat down with SPIN magazine and talked about the upcoming tour, how “Sunday Morning” came out as the #1 song in the fan survey, and how Gwen says we might hear “Hollaback Girl” […]

Gwen A "Pop Music Vending Machine"

Ugh, I hate articles like this claiming that Gwen lost most of her early fanbase after going solo. It’s kind of hypocritical too that they are comparing her to rocker Chris Cornell who works with Timbaland, but whatever. Her name is mentioned a couple times in a new article about him from Lumino magazine. Yawn. […]

Happy 2nd Anniversary, The Sweet Escape!

Just wanted to wish The Sweet Escape a happy birthday, Gwen’s second solo album was released 2 years ago, today! And here is a performance of Gwen’s “The Sweet Escape” on Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards with Akon from March 31, 2007, in my opinion, one of the cutest TV performances of the song.