Paramore's Hayley Williams On Touring With No Doubt

Hayley from Paramore was recently interviewed by about how the tour is going, which she doesn’t give much details cause everyone is still in start mode. She’s been a huge No Doubt fan growing up, and listened to a lot of their early material. She’s not really bugged about the comparison between the two […]

Buzznet Interview With Tom About Upcoming Tour; More Television Appearances Coming

Buzznet’s Interview with Tom Dumont (3/6/2009) Sadly it was too long to upload to YouTube, so we uploaded it to our new Livevideo channel – Taken from Buzznet that was posted yesterday. BREAKDOWN Tom talks about how No Doubt picked the opening acts, and how Paramore reminds them of them back in the day. […]

"Alot Of Ska Sounds Coming Out" In The Studio

We hope so! There is NOTHING more than a new ska/reggae album from the group! Thanks to Hellagoose from the forum that posted this is morning in regards to Tom getting mentioned on the radio for saying “alot of ska sounds are coming out” from his studio! SO…my friend was listneing to 95.5 KLOS in […]

Most Influential Bands of the 90's

No Doubt Ska just like it should be. Everybody knows that they miss skanking around in Vans at the sixth grade dance, and that Gwen Stefani was way cooler when she was still in love with Tony. Source

adrian on upcoming ska sound on new album and gwen laying down vocals now

I downloaded and uploaded to our youtube channel a short video of Adrian talking with about the upcoming direction of the new album and then another short video of him saying Gwen was entering the studio with them soon. “No. No. In fact we’ve gone back to the old a little bit. We’ve got […]


Thanks to Lucas for sending in, local music blog site (for me anyways) is listing No Doubt #3 on the most anticiapted album for 2008, and they have some really nice things to say about them! Album Title: Not Yet Known Released when: Sometime 2008 Recording in: Los Angeles Sounds Like: No Doubt are reportedly […]


Adrian was voted Sexiest Musician by Playgirl magazine! Loveline’s website posts the podcasts the next day, so it will probably be up to download tomorrow afternoon. I’m listening right now, and so far Adrian admitted that his favorite show is HBO’s Weeds, and has never seen Family Guy. The host also played a name that […]