Two More Band Shirts Added To Official Store

Thanks to Darren for the heads up, No Doubt added the neon old school logo to the official store along with a new black one with the group featured. They are both labled “girly,” and run for $20 each. The first one is also available on

Official L.A.M.B. Store Stripped Down Online; Spring Line In Stores Now

Woah, just wanted to mention that has been completely stripped down, and nothing in available on the site as of now. Sorry, I’m not quite sure how long it’s been like that, but all it is saying is below. WELCOME TO L.A.M.B. ONLINE SPRING 09 COLLECTION NOW IN STORES! Odd.

New Harajuku Lovers Wedges And Flats

Gwen is killing us with cuteness (don’t mind the pun)! Thanks to bdp.brea, just posted a bunch of cute new wedges and flats on their website, to die for! Dang it Gwen, we’re trying to save money here! They range from $59-$99. Check them out!

Harajuku Love Is In The Air

Just received this in my inbox, get free ground shipping when you order from from now until the 16th. Happy early Valentines Day, everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving from Harajuku Lovers

Recieved this in my email this morning, Harajuku Lovers are celebrating Thanksgiving by giving you 20% off your order and free shipping today through Monday. Just use the code “thanksgiving” at checkout!