Opening night setlist

***Spoiler Alert*** After months and months of wondering what song Gwen will play, we finally have a setlist for residency show! The show looks like its divided into 5 acts/themes with 4 to 5 songs per theme. Thanks to Brigé on Facebook for sharing the stage setlist of the show below.      

No Doubt Closing The Bamboozle Festival With Over An Hour Long Setlist

The set times have been posted on and No Doubt are scheduled to hit the stage at 9:00 PM until 10:15 PM. Woo! Over an hour! They are closing the show and are coming on after another favorite of ours, Rise Against. What a show! So, we’re assuming this will not be a full […]

Watch The New No Doubt Videos On YouTube

For your information, these are not new. Here are the recent ND video messages that the band posted to their official site in the last week or so. Th first one is the video of them asking for your help with the “Just A Girl” video, and the second one is Gwen explaining why they […]

No Doubt Update Fans With New Video; "Stand And Deliver" Added To Bamboozle's Setlist

What a day! Thanks to Gwen, she just updated the official site with some news about how tour rehearsals are going well, and they have been playing with “Stand and Deliver” live and WILL BE ADDED to the Bamboozle setlist, and if all goes well, will be added to the tour setlist! Please, ND! Gwen […]

No Doubt Discuss "Happy Now?" In Third Video From New Series; YouTube Video Added

In the new video, the band gets together and talks about “Happy Now?” this time (eeek!) and Tom mentions that it was a song that Gwen just had the lyrics and melody in her head with no music. Gwen calls the song “controversial” and the “perfect revenge song.” Tom says he remembers the lyrics being […]

Poll: Which Song Would You Not Mind Being Cut From The Setlist?

The time has come! So, keeping in the spirit of tour news, we wanted to hear your opinion about the upcoming setlist. So, we already know that the majority of it will be a reminder of The Singles tour, but if you had to choose one, which song would you cut out? I took some […]