Video: Stage Diver Pisses Gwen Off In Chula Vista

Thanks to kobefan131 for uploading and sharing, apparently a stage diver got on stage last night in Chula Vista, and Gwen was not very happy, and ruined “Sunday Morning.” The stage diver busted up some guy’s face by jumping on him and his girlfriend. You can tell how Gwen’s mood just drops after the incident […]

Panic! At The Disco Presale For August 8 With No Doubt

So, I don’t think it’s going to be a problem getting tickets for the newly added August 8th show in San Diego, California (considering the last Irvine show isn’t sold out quite yet), but opening act Panic! At The Disco will be having a presale of thier own on Thursday, April 30th as well. I’m […]

Just Added: No Doubt 2nd San Diego, CA Show August 8

Dang! So ND just added another last show in San Diego, California on Wednesday, August 8th. I’m kind of hesitant to call this the last show, considering they have added 3 last shows so far to the tour. Panic! At The Disco will be opening the show along with the Sounds. Taken from this. […]