New Interview With The Band; What They Were Like In High School

No Doubt gave a new mini interview with USA Weekend about their upcoming appearance on Gossip Girl. They give some details about how they were looked at in high school — Gwen was the ska nerd, Tom was into Dungeons and Dragons, Adro was the jock, and Tony was the band geek — sounds like […]

Rumor Patrol: No Doubt Touring South America Starting In November!

Woah! Thanks to nd_return, according to, it’s rumored that No Doubt will be performing in Mexico on August 14 (here is the date on Eventful) — which apparently they will be heading to a week after San Diego. And now there are a whole list of dates listed on starting in November in […]

Rumor Patrol: Harajuku Lovers Coming To An End?

EDIT: SO SOME MACY’S DEPARTMENT STORES ARE SAYING THAT THEY WILL NOT BE CARRYING THE LINE ANYMORE. KEEP CHECKING BACK FOR MORE INFORMATION… So…I’ve gotten a couple emails about this, so I thought I better address it. A lot of you may have noticed that Harajuku Lovers’ official website is down. The page is coming […]

Rumor Patrol: No Doubt Performing At Coachella Tonight?

So…the internet is buzzing that No Doubt are the special guest tonight at the band’s favorite festival, Coachella, in Indio, California. According to several posts on the festival’s message board, people “heard” them soundchecking earlier this morning — but some people are saying they didn’t. What’s going on here! Here are a couple of messages […]

Rumor Patrol: New Harajuku Lovers Dolls Coming This Christmas

Sorry for the small picture — it’s the best one I could find at the moment of the print. I’m assuming it might be the “snow bunnies” they are talking about. Thanks to no doubt about it from the fourm, apparently it’s rumored that there will be another line of dolls coming out, Harajuku Lovers […]

Important Celebrity Fact #17: Gwen Is Related To Madonna

I’ve heard this before, but posted a list of the 50 Most Important Celebrity facts, and the fact that Gwen is “related” to Madonna. Gwen’s great aunt’s mother-in-law shared the same last name as Madonna, Ciccone. 17. Madonna is related to both Gwen Stefani and Celine Dion. Gwen’s great aunt’s mother-in-law shares the same […]

Rumor Patrol: No Doubt Touring With New Material

Sorry for all the ROS going on around here, I’m just currently hooked for some reason. Anywho, so we can pretty much nip this one in the bud cause the band has said in multiple recent interviews that they plan on not playing any new material on the road this summer (well, Tom said that […]

Tony Reveals Band Might Bust Out "Deeper Album Tracks"; New Material On Gwen's iPod

Thanks so much to our good buddy Rosie for breaking down for us, apparently Tony revealed a little more in a recent interview with Baltimore radio station. Gwen is apparently really into The Killers right now (we are too!) and has new ND material on her iPod! Woo! We’re jealous! He mentioned that along with […]

Rumor Patrol: More Proof Leading To Los Angeles Dates Being Added To Tour

Thanks to much to our good buddy Kristen for sharing, but she received an email this morning exclusively to Citi cardholders about the upcoming No Doubt tour, and it lists a couple of Los Angeles dates at Gibson Theater (which were rumored before) for July 27 and July 28, which is the scheduled “off” days […]

CONFIRMED: No Los Angeles Dates At The Moment

So…I don’t know what’s going on, but Livenation are saying that No Doubt will also be stopping at the Gibson Amphitheater on 7/27 and 7/28, but were not included in the set dates on the official site yesterday. We will have to see, but they did leave out a gap in the schedule around that […]

Rumored Complete List Of Tour Dates

Geez! Just call this “tour day 2009,” but sadly nothing is official yet! So, I don’t know how helpful these are to people, but it looks like this could be the official list. It looks similar to the one in the last post, minus the ones I pointed out that looked fake. So, take what […]

Whole Bunch Of New Dates Added; Hammerstein Show On The 11th?

Woah. The forum has been crazy and the fans are getting crazier, me included. Alot of dates have been leaked by Musictoday from all the fans calling and begging for SOMETHING, and they have been letting out. The following are what we have mapped out so far…what does everyone think? 45 dates are being played, […]

"Alot Of Ska Sounds Coming Out" In The Studio

We hope so! There is NOTHING more than a new ska/reggae album from the group! Thanks to Hellagoose from the forum that posted this is morning in regards to Tom getting mentioned on the radio for saying “alot of ska sounds are coming out” from his studio! SO…my friend was listneing to 95.5 KLOS in […]

More Unconfirmed Dates Added To The Tour Page

No Doubt don’t get mad at me! I’m just a messenger! So…I don’t know if this is wrong of me to post these…and I do feel bad about it, don’t get me wrong…but a guy from the forum hacked into the Livenation website (I know, I know…) and found some more dates for the tour […]

Rumor Patrol: No Doubt Booked For Shoreline July 25

We’re getting sooo close! Thanks to whiskas from the forum, she gave Shoreline in Mountain View, California a call and they told her No Doubt was scheduled there for July 25…meaning it looks like No Doubt might be winding the tour down in California at the end of July/early August! I’ll start adding the unconfirmed […]