Tom shares Rio Atticus with us!

What a day! Tom just posted a link on the forum to a new picture (that he took with his iPhone) of his new beautiful son, Rio atticus! Look at those eyes! He’s 5 months! I tried to upload this last night, but was having trouble, sorry about the delay!

Tom clears the air on the forum

Thanks to our good buddy Lamb83 for the heads up, Tom posted twice on the forum this afternoon, saying that the band was all in Cabo, Mexico together (not Hawaii) and the baby featured in the photos was baby Zuma, not Rio. Hey what’s up folks! Everything is good here. Just got back from Cabo, […]

congratulations: tom and mieke welcomed baby boy rio atticus dumont

Thanks so much to our good friend Bodhi for texting us, but congratulations to tom and mieke dumont who welcomed new son Rio Atticus to the world on Wednesday! Tom posted on the forum this afternoon: “R.A.D. Hey ND friends out there, Just dropping you a little note about some happy news. Mieke and and […]