"Rich Girl" Ringtone Featured In New Movie "Confessions Of A Shopaholic"

Aww! This movie looks really cute anyways, but just wanted to let you know, apparently the main character in the movie, Rebecca, her ringtone is Gwen’s “Rich Girl.” Taken from bigpicturesound.com Isla Fisher, also known as the girl most often mistaken for Amy Adams, is a talented comedic actress, which she proved in “Wedding Crashers.” […]

New Harajuku Lovers bags; includes Boom Box gift box

New Harajuku Lovers holiday bags have been added to thegiantpeach.com and feature new Squaresville, Black Candy, and Snowbunny Narita prints. On the website, if you order the wallet in the Snowbunny Narita print, it comes in a limited edition Boom Box gift box that plays a snippit of “Rich Girl” when you open it (see […]

"Rich Girl" and "Crash" listed on Top 10 Songs That Warned Us About the Recession

With the U.S. economy tanking, we can’t help but to feel a little pessimistic about our future. We reverted to our inner 15-year-old, which happened to grow up in the go-go ’90s of excess and wealth (a.k.a. the Clinton years), and decide to make a mixtape of the songs that eerily foreshadowed our impending economic […]