Janelle Monae And Hayley Williams Joined Band Onstage For "Stand And Deliver"

We’re still waiting for a video — but thanks to Bill for sending BSO the photo! Hopefully a video will be coming up shortly, but Gwen invited both Hayley Williams from Paramore and east coast opener Janelle Monae onstage with her tonight in Verona, New York during “Stand and Deliver!” We’ll update more with the […]

Gwen Owns A Key To The Playboy Club In Las Vegas

The Stefani-Rossdale clan seem to be getting a lot of mentions from Las Vegas (since that is where they are), and according to Las Vegas Sun, Gwen is a proud owner of a key to the exclusive Playboy Club at the Palms Resort. As a key holder, Chesney is now eligible for exclusive access and […]