No Doubt Celebrate 17th Anniversary Of Debut Album

Woah! BSO just wanted to wish a very happy 17th anniversary to No Doubt’s debut album No Doubt today — what a great day to celebrate it being St. Patrick’s Day and everything! The only single that spawned from it was “Trapped In A Box,” and ND do consider it a “flop,” but we can […]

Buzznet Interview With Tom About Upcoming Tour; More Television Appearances Coming

Buzznet’s Interview with Tom Dumont (3/6/2009) Sadly it was too long to upload to YouTube, so we uploaded it to our new Livevideo channel – Taken from Buzznet that was posted yesterday. BREAKDOWN Tom talks about how No Doubt picked the opening acts, and how Paramore reminds them of them back in the day. […]

No Doubt Reveals To Buzznet Tour Will Have 'Clockwork Orange' Inspired Theme

Woah! First off, give big thanks to Dave for taking care of the updates while we were out today, second A Clockwork Orange? Are you kidding me! Okay, let me back up. Tom revealed to Buzznet today that the upcoming tour will have A Clockwork Orange theme, a very strange, punk-cult movie, one of our […]

No Doubt’s Sweet Deal: Buy A Concert Ticket, Get Their Entire Catalog

Just in case you needed a little extra incentive to buy tickets for No Doubt’s upcoming reunion tour, the band has announced a special deal: they’re giving away a free digital download of their entire catalog, from 1992’s No Doubt to 2003’s greatest hits comp The Singles, to each person who purchases a full-priced ticket. […]

“New” Posted To

The No Doubt track “New” has been added to

Receive No Doubt's Entire Digital Catalog For Free With Online Ticket Purchase

I know we already posted this awhile ago, but No Doubt finally made a statement about it and clairified what exactly we will be getting, alot! Taken from this evening. Fans purchasing the top tier ticket price levels will get No Doubt’s entire music career! Just Announced: Fans purchasing top price level tickets online […]

"New" Coming To Rock Band March 3 For Xbox

Good news Rock Band fans! “New” will finally be available for download on Xbox 360 starting March 3, 2009. The song was originally cut out of The Singles 1992-2003 version for the game, but is now being released on it’s own for $1.99 or 160 Microsoft points through the official Rock Band website for download. […]

No Doubt Releasing Studio Version Of "Stand And Deliver" To Club Members!

Woah!!! Things keep getting better! Apparently after you purchase your tickets through the fanclub, No Doubt will send you a digital download of their STUDIO VERSION of “Stand And Deliver,” that will be featured live on the upcoming May 11 Gossip Girls episode. So, that means they will be releasing a song *technically* before the […]

New No Doubt Album Scheduled For 2010

Thanks to Len for the link, is giving a “tbd” 2010 release date for the new album, which is nice, obvious, but nice. Well, let’s see if the band stays on track. What we really want are the tour dates! Here is what is listed on the site All dates are for U.S. releases […]

No Doubt Featured In Blender Magazine

Thanks so much to Bob for sending in to us, but apparently No Doubt are featured in (and on the cover) of the January 2009 issue of Blender magazine in an article titled “23 Reasons Why 2009 Will Not Suck.” They are the first band listed. I am actually off to the store to pick […]

Timbaland Responds To False Shock Value 2 Reports

Finally! Timbaland is now confirming that there is NO “MELTDOWN” being released, all lies! He is also being mum if she will even be on the album, so don’t believe what you read anymore! No Gwen/Timbaland collaboration as of yet, which he didn’t rule out though. Also meaning there is no truth to the “Ice […]

More on Timbaland and Gwen collaboration

Eh, Perez Hilton posted a blog about the upcoming Timbaland release, and mentioned the first single, “Meltdown,” which appparently features Gwen and Justin Timberlake on vocals. He just rehashes basically what was in the last article, but is quoting the source as MTV…interesting… Timbaland is coming out with a new album, and – once again […]

Rumor patrol: Gwen on upcoming Timbaland single "Meltdown"?

The rumor of the day is, well it’s been going around for awhile, but Gwen is said to be featured on the upcoming Timbaland single “Meltdown,” also featuring Justin Timberlake, which is schedulded for a February 14, 2009 release. The single is said to be hitting radio on January 5th. Timbaland unveils ‘Shock Value: Volume […]

No Doubt's Reggae Record

Just a rehash of Adrian’s interview with MTV News this weekend, but it focuses on the reggae element of the new album, so yay! No Doubt are making a reggae album. The band, who recently revealed they are planning to tour again following a hiatus while singer Gwen Stefani launched a solo career, say they […]

Rumor patrol: No Doubt pushing album back to 2010

We all knew this was coming after Adrian revealed that the band will focus more on writing and touring in 2009, so we will most likely see a 2010 release from the band. Taken from Rolling Stone, Fans will have to wait a little bit longer for a new No Doubt record: drummer Adrian Young […]