Tom Updates Us On His Amp And Pedals For The Upcoming Tour

Tom is still keeping us updated on his Guitar Blog, and gave us a glimpse of his set up from the tour rehearsals a couple weeks ago. Looks good, buddy! Click on the link to view the rest of the photos he took — including a blurry close-up he took with his iPhone. And here […]

New Video: More Interviews And Tour Rehearsal Footage From MTV

MTV Shows Woo! MTV posted another chunk of their interview with MTV News RAW from Atlantic City. This video shows us some footage of the band rehearsing for the tour showing a clip of “Spiderwebs” and “Underneath It All.” Am I the only one that is so curious what this drumline thing is the band […]

New Photos Of No Doubt's Tour Rehearsal

Sweet! just added a few new photos of No Doubt during their Borgata tour rehearsal on Tuesday… they look amazing! Oh my gosh! We are so 100% ready for the shows to start! We love the boots Gwen is rocking and the style! It looks like they are all playing around on the drums […]

New Tony Interview With Alice 105.9

I’m trying to rip it at the moment, but it’s being a pain. Anyways, so just got to the station’s website to stream it for now. Thanks to Rosie, Tony gave a new radio interview with Colorado’s Alice 105.9 yesterday. He said that the band is so excited to head out on the road. They […]