No Doubt Filming Tour — No Plans Yet On Releasing Live CD/DVD

Found on Billboard this morning, the band gave a new interview with the magazine about how things are going on the tour. I noticed this from the photos from Atlantic City, but Todd Stefani has been filming the band’s shows, and the article mentions how the band have no intentions of releasing a live CD […]

New Interview With Tony: New Album Writing Put On Hold

So, Tony gave a really good new interview with The Aquarian and talked about the upcoming tour, the families on the road, and writing material for the new album is on pause right now. He feels that the band jumped into writing prematurely, and felt they needed to go out and recharge their batteries, since […]

No Doubt Create Touring Recording Studio

Gwen mentioned this in her recent interview with Ryan Seacrest, that Tony decided to bring along a recording-bus along with the band on the road for when they get inspired. A new article on Digital Spy gives a little more insight on it. No Doubt have revealed that they are taking a studio on the […]