88.3 The Sting Radio Hosting 18 Hour No Doubt Marathon

Sweet! Thanks to Rosie for finding, but Cleveland based radio station 88.3 The Sting will be broadcasting a 18 hour marathon of only No Doubt’s music on Thursday, June 25. It will be running until 1:00 AM the following morning, and will be featuring covers, Gwen’s solo material, b-sides, and more. I’m curious to what […]

Download Audio From The Tour From BSO; Fan Photos Added

So, today seems kind of like catchup day for me — I added over 200 photos that were donated to BSO by some amazing fans (Katie, Ortho, Nick, Carol, etc. — they are so great!) to the gallery, and I’m also in the process of adding a bunch of live mp3s from The Today Show, […]

"Stand And Deliver" Hitting The Radio; Reviews Start Hitting The Net

Woooah! Thanks to a bunch of fans who e-mailed me this morning — it looks like “Stand and Deliver” is already hitting the radio waves! That was quick! According to Tom, they had no intentions of putting the song out or anything on the radio or TV (minus Gossip Girls) — how amazing! It’s already […]

Just Sayin'…

Woah! Congratulations to ND and to all the fans who were lucky to get tickets to these shows (we’re seeing them on July 31, August 1, and August 2!) No Doubt have sold out the last six shows of the tour (excluding August 4 as of now) in Los Angeles and Irvine, California! They are […]

New Adrian Interview With Seattle's 107.7 The End

Woo! I finally found a local one! I was surprised (in a good way!) that Adrian actually called into our local alternative station here in Seattle, The End 107.7 a couple days ago to talk about the upcoming tour stop in our home town at White River. It seems as if the DJ has been […]

Tony Reveals Band Might Bust Out "Deeper Album Tracks"; New Material On Gwen's iPod

Thanks so much to our good buddy Rosie for breaking down for us, apparently Tony revealed a little more in a recent interview with Baltimore radio station. Gwen is apparently really into The Killers right now (we are too!) and has new ND material on her iPod! Woo! We’re jealous! He mentioned that along with […]

New Gwen Interview With Mojo In The Morning — Tom came up with the name "Zuma!"

Thanks to hotchik, Gwen recently called into Mojo in the Morning to discuss the new tour, which we hear the basics, but she also talks about a couple different topics which we have been curious about! The DJ is pretty ignorant towards the beginning saying that Gwen will mix in some solo stuff with No […]

Gwen Reveals How Politics And Technology Might Inspire New Album

Gwen gave a really good interview to Radio 104.5 and talked a little bit more about the inspirations for new material, on how politics might factor into the new album, and why choosing Paramore for the opening act was difficult. Also, it’s really not set in stone that ND will be performing “Stand and Deliver” […]

Friends And Family Show Taking Place In Las Vegas

Gah! And only if I knew where! Thanks to Donna, her radio station were giving away tickets and were entering fans in a grand prize to fly them out to Las Vegas for the band’s infamous “friends and family” show. I was thinking it would take place before the Atlantic City or Bamboozle dates earlier […]

Gwen Says No New Material Will Be Played On Tour; "Stand And Deliver" Not Intended As A Single

Well that stinks. Thanks to Rosie for the heads up again (we’re at work and cannot listen to the interview ourselves), but Gwen just gave an interview with Cleveland’s Q104, and she just said that the band will not be whipping out new material on the tour. Well, I mean the tour isn’t till May, […]

New Gwen Radio Interview With Joey Brooks Of Q102

Gwen Stefani talks to Joey! Thanks to much to Rachel, Gwen just gave a new radio interview with DJ Joey Brooks from Q102 in Philadelphia this morning about the upcoming tour, prices, and how life on the road is going to be with all the kids in tow! Gwen wants Tony to have a little […]

California Bay Area Fans: No Doubt Is Hitting Shoreline On The Tour

Heads up Bay Area fans! Thanks to JSTAGURL from the forum, she heard on the radio that No Doubt are planning on hitting Shoreline, California in the next few months…well that’s a start!

Rumor Patrol: KROQ: No Doubt Playing In The LA Area; Shows On Sale Soon

Eh, not sure what this means or if there is anything else to it, but Los Angeles radio station KROQ mentioned on-air this afternoon that No Doubt would be hitting the LA area soon. They just might mean the upcoming tour, or maybe it’s something we don’t know about yet? Hmm. We’ll have to wait […]