No Doubt Live From Virgin Megastore In Costa Mesa, 4/13/2000

Woah! Thanks again to Rosie for finding and our buddy babefroman for uploading, check out these rare live clips taken of No Doubt’s live performance at the Virgin Megastore in Costa Mesa, California, April 13, 2000, a couple days after Return of Saturn was released. The clips include “Ex-Girlfriend,” “Sunday Morning,” “Simple Kind of Life,” […]

P!nk on working with Tony Kanal

Taken from P!nk’s official site, she talks about how she loved working with Tony on her upcoming songs “Sober” and “Funhouse.” The title track itself is a funky rocker with the fists-in-the-air refrain of “This used to be our funhouse/But now it’s full of evil clowns/It’s time to start the countdown/I’m gonna burn it down.” […]

No Doubt album expected late 2009; band taking a break?

Thanks to our friend Carly from, and nxdmarryme, apparently the band is planning on taking the next few months off, I’m assuming to focus on thier new additions to the families. A fan was lucky enough to have a chat with Tony, and he said that he just finished working on material for P!nk’s […]

Tony featured on upcoming P!nk album

Thanks to PinkeeKeen from the forum for sharing, but Tony co-wrote and will be featured on two songs on P!nk’s upcoming album, Funhouse. He is featured on songs “Sober” and “Funhouse.” The album is scheduled for a October 28, 2008 release.