OMFG: Band Teased Fans With "Squeal" Last Night In Cleveland

I need to learn to breathe! After years, and years, and years of requesting… I think old school fan’s dreams might be coming true soon! No Doubt played a mini-instrumental version of “Squeal” last night when Gwen pulled up a fan onstage and talked to the audience. Ahh — just hearing the drum intro gave […]

Gwen Prefers "Old School" Workouts Rather Than Yoga And Pilates

I think this might be taken from an older article, but InStyle did a feature on how Gwen got her post-baby body back — she looks amazing! Again, have you seen her abs? Anyways, she says that her and trainer Mike Heatlie prefer “old school” workouts, like running and lifting weights, to yoga and pilates. […]

Happy Birthday Eric Stefani!

Woo! Everyone here at Beacon Street Online would love to wish Mr. Paulina himself, Eric Stefani, a very Happy 42nd Birthday!

No Doubt – December 7, 1987

Thanks to our good buddy Bec for finding and Biff Bang Pow for sharing, check out this really old school (nice quality!) shot of the band from December 7, 1987 — they all look so small and cute! Check out Eric!

BSO's Seven Days Of No Doubt – Day 7: "Move On," 1996

And we saved the best for last. This is one of our favorite ND performances, ever. Here is them with “Move On” at the Sol Rock Festival in 1996. Sadly, the video is labeled “Total Hate,” but it still rocks. Gwen is sporting the infamous yellow bondage pants (that a lot of fans hold a […]