Tour Updates Including Set Lists, Photos, And Posters — Help!

Just wanted to give you tour followers a heads up that I have been keeping up with all the news going on including set lists, limited edition tour posters, photos, and more. Please keep your submissions coming — we have had so many donations to BSO from the tour, it’s been incredible! And we’re just […]

Gwen On E! News Live Tomorrow Night, May 15; Re-cap Added

Thanks to SimpleKindofLife79, Gwen will be interviewed on E! News Live tomorrow night at 7 PM ET/PT. She will talking about the upcoming tour and her children. It also looks like will be streaming parts of the show and will have clips up later, so hopefully it will be online for the fans who […]

VH1 News Video: More Footage From Borgata Tour Rehearsal

Yay! I saw this on TV a couple days ago and was wondering if it was going to show up online… thanks Jillian! But just posted more footage of the band rehearsing at the Borgata on April 29, showcasing “Stand and Deliver.” It shows a really, super duper cute clip of Gwen bringing out […]

No Doubt Aim To Get Pregnant — Musically — On Tour This Summer

MTV Shows MTV just posted more coverage from The Today Show showing interviewed fans, and another chunk of the interview with MTV Raw about how they are looking for inspiration on the road for the new album. Adrian talks about how they are curious about Paramore and the energy they are bringing to the show […]

New Video: More Interviews And Tour Rehearsal Footage From MTV

MTV Shows Woo! MTV posted another chunk of their interview with MTV News RAW from Atlantic City. This video shows us some footage of the band rehearsing for the tour showing a clip of “Spiderwebs” and “Underneath It All.” Am I the only one that is so curious what this drumline thing is the band […]

No Doubt 'Giddy' About Summer Tour; New Record

No Doubt sat down with MTV yesterday for a new interview regarding the upcoming tour and album. Again, nothing new really in this article so far, just mentioning that the band is calling this the “procrastination” and “inspiration” tour. The album is reportedly coming out in 2010, which when is mentioned to the band, they […]

Rumor Patrol: Tour Dates Coming At End Of Week Or Early Next Week

So…thanks to Gwen’s My Life from the forum, it was mentioned on Mexican news (in Mexico) this morning that that tour dates “should be announced later this week or early next week.” It also seems like they are hoping that No Doubt take a turn down there as well, considering Adro did mention that they […]