UK Fans Create Your Own Harajuku Lovers Fan Page And Win

Open to UK fans only (when you enter the site it even says “Sorry, UK EXCLUSIVE”), Harajuku Lovers wants you to create your own Facebook, MySpace, or Bebo fan page and you could win prizes! Good luck to everyone who enters and let us know what you win! We are running a nationwide competition […]

The Sounds Blog On MySpace About Upcoming Tour With No Doubt

Thanks to Eli for sending in! The Sounds, another confirmed opening act for the summer tour, just blogged on MySpace about touring with No Doubt this summer. THE SOUNDS TO TOUR WITH NO DOUBT!!! Hey there everyone! We are very happy to be able to finally tell you all that we will be going on […]

New official site; new MySpace

Woo! No Doubt have updated thier website with a new layout, using the same teaser photo that was up before. The content is the same, but No Doubt now have a music player on there and links to thier Facebook, YouTube site and… MySpace! No Doubt are now official on there! Speaking of new layout […]

Gwen discusses influences for new No Doubt album

In Gwen’s recent interview with Bloomingdale’s Little Brown Book music issue, she discussed some new influences for the upcoming No Doubt album, mentioning 80s and 70s and even streaming new music on MySpace! After being on tour for a year, Stefani is ready to go back into the studio with with No Doubt, the band […]

More campaigning for Harajuku Lovers fragrance coming; hitting UK soon

Gwen Stefani is bringing her signature Harajuku style to the world in a whole new way. To promote Gwen’s new fragrance line, Harajuku Lovers Fragrance, internationally acclaimed fragrance company COTY teamed up with LBi, the global marketing and technology agency, to launch a new interactive marketing campaign featuring an animated Gwen Stefani and her Harajuku […]

OCDP Snare Drum Signed by Members of No Doubt & Lit hit eBay

No Doubt’s autographed snare drum and Adrian’s signed amp have been added to the Make-A-Noise auction on eBay, in support of Lit’s drummer Adam that has recently been diagnosed with a brain tumor. It looks Adrian is the only one who signed the merch, probably just recently when he played with the band not too […]

Exclusive: Harajuku Lovers message to us and new MySpace page

Harajuku Lovers posted this on our YouTube page for everyone to check out! Were really excited that the new website for Harajuku Lovers fragrance is up and running! On you can receive information about each of the fragrances, order a sample, meet the Harajuku Girls, make your own Harajuku Girls karaoke video, and visit […]