Get a sneak peak of Gwen’s new merch!

A special thank you to Sabrina, she was able to snap some really great photos of the new merch that will be available during Gwen’s residency. Prices are still unknown will update this post as more pictures and pricing information come along. Here are some more pictures shared by Guillermo

Another New No Doubt Tee Added To Official Store

Just wanted to mention that No Doubt added another one of the new band tees to the official store. It’s been out for about a month on other sites, and runs for $19.99.

New Band Shirts Added To Official Store

Cuuuute! It looks like No Doubt added a couple of new band tees (not available on the tour) to the official store. They are all going for $19.99, but they are all out of stock — meaning they are not available as of now. I am digging all the oranges ones! We’ll keep our eyes […]

"Spiderwebs" Tote Artist Kevin Dart On Designing For No Doubt

We posted before that a new tote bag is being sold on the tour with unqiue artwork of the band looking like spies from the 60s. Well it turns out they came from the awesome Kevin Dart, and was asked personally by the band to design a poster where “the band portrayed in a 60’s […]

Photos Of No Doubt's 2009 Tour Program

Thanks to OzzyRhds for taking photos and sharing, No Doubt are selling a tour program looking very similar to what Gwen did on both of her tours — we love it! It features photos taken from Atlantic City, rehearsal shots, and ND backstage. The cover looks like straight from the “Bathwater” tour video! It sells […]

New No Doubt Tees On ShockHound

Wowzers! ShockHound just added five new No Doubt tees to their website, including the shiny silver and black one that is found at Hot Topic. These shirts are not sold on the tour and feature the Clockwork Orange theme, minus the old school band logo ones. How freaking cute! They range from $17-$20.

BSO Exclusive Las Vegas Coverage; Merch, Setlist And Videos Added!

MORE VIDEOS ARE ON THIER WAY! EDIT Just to let everyone know that I am on my way out of Vegas and off to Fresno, California for the next show so there will be no updates till late tonight. I will try and get more videos up as well for everyone — thanks for being […]


LAS VEGAS, NV — 5/16/2009 ALL SPOILERS ARE POSTED BEHIND THE CUT! WATCH THIS POST FOR UPDATES ALL NIGHT! I will be attending the show tonight, so Dave will be updating while I send him updates during the night via text message. I plan on recording the majority of the show so videos will up […]