Harajuku Lovers Fragrance Snow Bunnies Coming In September

Yay! I remember mentioning this sometime ago, but Harajuku Lovers will be releasing limited edition bottles for the fragrance featuring the characters in winter outfits coming in September! Taken from nstperfume.com, the Snow Bunnie bottles will be available in the 10 ml for $30, or the complete set for $100 in retailers coming soon. Gwen […]

Limited Edition Tour Posters – Las Vegas, Fresno, And Bakersfield

No Doubt just added the first three limited edition posters from the tour on their official site — which is sweet! We picked up the one in Vegas and Fresno, they are pretty nice. In Vegas they went for $25 and the one in Fresno was $20. We will be adding them to our gallery […]

Sephora Exclusive Ice Cream Lovers Bag Collection

Thanks to OzzyRhds, a new exlcusive Harajuku Lovers makeup bag set has hit sephora.com — Ice Cream Lovers! They are really cute and are exclusives to the beauty website and are limited edition. The bags range from $20-$48. Ice Cream Lovers Bag Collection What it is: A sweet, Sephora-exclusive ensemble of makeup bags for anyone […]

New Harajuku Lovers bags and prints

TheGiantPeach.com has added 4 new prints and holiday bags to it’s website, including Lovers Smile, Harajuku Grey, Rainbow Scallop and Love Letters prints. Some of them are still coming with the limited edition Boom Box gift box.