Get a sneak peak of Gwen’s new merch!

A special thank you to Sabrina, she was able to snap some really great photos of the new merch that will be available during Gwen’s residency. Prices are still unknown will update this post as more pictures and pricing information come along. Here are some more pictures shared by Guillermo

Coverage of Gwen’s Residency

After months of anticipation, tonight is opening night for Gwen for her Just A Girl Residency. Stay tuned here at BSO for coverage of the show, setlist info, and of course pictures and video! Also, I would like to unveil our new Just A Girl coverage page. Your one-stop spot everything related to the show! […]

No Doubt Performance On Ellen Re-Airing June 26

According to, their performance on Ellen will be re-airing on Friday, June 26 if you missed it the first time! They perform “Just A Girl,” “Hella Good,” and “Hey Baby” on the show. Check your local listings for when to watch, we also added it to our calendar.

Video: "Just A Girl" Fan Footage; Video Not Being Featured On Tour

Wow, well what a let down. So, after months of questioning why No Doubt was not showing the “Just A Girl” fan footage that hundreds of fans sent in… we now have an answer. And it’s not good. Apparently after months of trying to incorporate the footage into the tour… it’s not happening. So, our […]

Tour Updates Including Set Lists, Photos, And Posters — Help!

Just wanted to give you tour followers a heads up that I have been keeping up with all the news going on including set lists, limited edition tour posters, photos, and more. Please keep your submissions coming — we have had so many donations to BSO from the tour, it’s been incredible! And we’re just […]

No Doubt Catch Russell Peter's Set Friday Night At The Addison Improv

It’s nice to see the band out and about enjoying themselves out on the road as well! The band was apparently spotted last night at The Addison Improv checking out comedian Russell Peter. During the night, Tom was said to have hopped onstage and played “Just A Girl!” Taken from this morning — sorry […]

No Doubt Thanks Fans For "Just A Girl" Videos

Taken from the official site, No Doubt updated thier post about asking fans to submit “Just A Girl” videos to them thanking fans for all the submissions! All three BSO webmasters submitted one — I hope at least one of ours makes us! We’ll record the montage in Vegas for everyone to check out! Hello […]

May 8: Deadline For Your "Just A Girl" Video Is Today!


No Doubt Try To Give "Girl" Power To American Idol

So it seems that ND performance on American Idol is getting mixed reviews online, but the majority seem positive, and people are so glad that they are back. Gwen rocked out last night like it was a flashback to the Tragic Kingdom days — even looking the part as well! This was found on MTV […]

Video: "Just A Girl" Live On American Idol; MP3 Added

Certainty No Doubt killed it! Holy crap! As we reported previously, No Doubt hit the American Idol stage tonight with “Just A Girl,” and it was an amazing performance! Gwen was all over the place — pushups included! She was rocking the look from the Bamboozle show (the white top and black bottoms, which resembled […]

More American Idol Details From The Pre-Taping Last Night

Taken from Entertainment Weekly this morning, No Doubt apparently hit the stage around 6:40 PM last night to perform a pre-taped version of “Just A Girl” for tonight’s results show — and we heard it did not go over to well… at first. Apparently they had to do two takes, the vocal mix sounded horrible […]

No Doubt Performing "Just A Girl" On American Idol Wednesday

So, apparently some chaos went down today during the pre-taped segments of American Idol tonight, but No Doubt are back in Hollywood and filmed a live performance of “Just A Girl.” So, the lucky studio audience that was there this evening got to watch. Found on, Gwen apparently will be walking down the main […]

Reminder: No Doubt Needs Your Help; Tour Kicks Off Next Week!

Received this last night in my inbox from ND — just a reminder to send in your “Just A Girl” impersonations for the summer tour! The deadline is next Friday! We’re thinking since the deadline is May 1, the video montage they will be making with the submissions won’t obviously show up until Las Vegas […]

Video: BSO’s Dave’s “Just A Girl”

Hi everyone, Dave here. So yeah, this a tad unexpected for me to do solo. Jenny & Christina wanted my video so… here it is! I think it came out decent. Oh yeah!  Next week I will be doing special BSO updates on the road covering the Today Show!

Video: BSO's Christina's "Just A Girl"

Aww! Who knew our little Christina was a comic! Our designer just submitted her “Just A Girl” video to, and it is hilarious! She mocks the band’s video for the song — and included her two kitties and boyfriend! I love the whole Jill Stefani reference and the flower bit is hysterical! If her […]