Videos: Un-aired Performances Of "It's My Life" And "New" From Jimmy Kimmel

Woo! So it looks like Jimmy Kimmel aired the last two performances on his show tonight that were not included in the original broadcast last month! Sweet! It’s so nice to see since I attended the event! No Doubt performed “It’s My Life” twice during the taping.

Repeat Of No Doubt On Jimmy Kimmel Live Tonight At 12:05 AM

It was also repeated last week I believe — but No Doubt posted on their Facebook last night that the Jimmy Kimmel performance will be airing again tonight on ABC at 12:05 AM. No Doubt is back on Jimmy Kimmel tomorrow night, performing “It’s My Life” & “New” – Kimmel airs on ABC at 12:05am, […]

Fan Donations To BSO From Jimmy Kimmel And Ellen

Thanks so much to Scott for sending into us, check out this exclusive shots of ND arriving at their Jimmy Kimmel Live taping in Hollywood this past Monday. It looks like they lined up at the other gate towards the back lot — I was too busy standing in line to get into the show! […]

Videos: No Doubt Signing Autographs And Jimmy Kimmel

Here are a couple videos from from last night at Jimmy Kimmel. Tons were people were lining up at the gate on the side where the band headed to before they headed on stage. They signed autographs, talked with the paparazzi — and now we have a clear shot of King’s new doo! It’s […]

BSO Tour Coverage: Jimmy Kimmel Live

More updates will be coming soon — I need to get some more sleep! So… after about three hours of sleep… Jimmy Kimmel was amazing! Not only was it our first television appearance, but first road trip in California! I flew into Fresno Sunday night, then we rented a car yesterday morning and drove the […]

Photos From Tiger Jam Added To The Gallery

Just wanted to mention that I added more photos from Tiger Jam in Las Vegas from Saturday to the gallery this morning. Just a heads up — we flew into Fresno, California last night and Dave and I will be hitting the road to Hollywood this afternoon together for Jimmy Kimmel tonight! We’ll have coverage […]

Confirmed: No Doubt Scheduled For Jimmy Kimmel May 18

Woo! It’s official! No Doubt is confirmed for Jimmy Kimmel on Monday, May 18 in Hollywood, California. In the email that was sent out it said that ND will be appearing on May 20 — the same night they are in Bakersfield, so I’m assuming it’s airing on a later date…? And guess who got […]

Rumor Patrol: No Doubt Scheduled For Jimmy Kimmel May 20?

So, apparently ND is sending out an email about their upcoming television performances listing a confirmed Ellen date for May 19, and a newly added Jimmy Kimmel appearance on the following day, May 20th. We’re a little confused considering Jimmy films shows the day of — but ND have a show in Bakersfield that night. […]

Buzznet Interview With Tom About Upcoming Tour; More Television Appearances Coming

Buzznet’s Interview with Tom Dumont (3/6/2009) Sadly it was too long to upload to YouTube, so we uploaded it to our new Livevideo channel – Taken from Buzznet that was posted yesterday. BREAKDOWN Tom talks about how No Doubt picked the opening acts, and how Paramore reminds them of them back in the day. […]