New Tom Interview On Gwen, The Tour, And Going Back To Old Sounds For Album

Tom recently gave a new interview with Orlando’s about how the band is getting back into their groove during the tour now, it seems to be going really well. He also thinks recording the new album is really important is what they need to do, but doing the tour is getting the back to […]

Videos: HQ Clips From Tiger Jam Plus New Band Interview

Thanks to Charlie for finding, here are some high quality clips of No Doubt performing at Tiger Jam in Las Vegas about two weeks ago. They are professionally shot, but unfortunately about 30 seconds each. Also included is a new interview with the band before the show where they talk about what an honor it […]

No Doubt 'Giddy' About Summer Tour; New Record

No Doubt sat down with MTV yesterday for a new interview regarding the upcoming tour and album. Again, nothing new really in this article so far, just mentioning that the band is calling this the “procrastination” and “inspiration” tour. The album is reportedly coming out in 2010, which when is mentioned to the band, they […]

Videos: Gwen Discusses Harajuku Lovers Fragrance With HSN

Thanks to GwenAnn, we’ve been looking for these for awhile! Anyways, here are Gwen’s interviews with HSN about the Harajuku Lovers fragrance that are now available through the shopping network. It looks like the interview was shot during the perfume’s photo shoot back in 2008. The interviews are pretty cute (and she looks stunning!) and […]

Video Interviews From 2000 Showcasing Studio And 1999 Club Tour Footage

I know some people have probably seen them, but I know a lot have not. These are a couple of AWESOME interviews with Gwen and Tony from the Return of Saturn era, early 2000, about the record, 80s music, how Tony is into lipgloss, and more from Canada’s MuchMusic. It’s awesome in the sense how […]

Tom Calls Each Other "Kind Of Like Actors" In Upcoming Gossip Girls Episode

Tom recently gave a new interview with the New York Post about the upcoming Gossip Girls appearance, but sadly the article only features about one quote from him. Hmm. Anyways, then The Insider recapped it for us with a pretty picture and a bow. ‘Gossip Girl” may be known for introducing the world to new […]

Tony Reveals Band Might Bust Out "Deeper Album Tracks"; New Material On Gwen's iPod

Thanks so much to our good buddy Rosie for breaking down for us, apparently Tony revealed a little more in a recent interview with Baltimore radio station. Gwen is apparently really into The Killers right now (we are too!) and has new ND material on her iPod! Woo! We’re jealous! He mentioned that along with […]

New Gwen Interview With Mojo In The Morning — Tom came up with the name "Zuma!"

Thanks to hotchik, Gwen recently called into Mojo in the Morning to discuss the new tour, which we hear the basics, but she also talks about a couple different topics which we have been curious about! The DJ is pretty ignorant towards the beginning saying that Gwen will mix in some solo stuff with No […]

Gwen Reveals How Politics And Technology Might Inspire New Album

Gwen gave a really good interview to Radio 104.5 and talked a little bit more about the inspirations for new material, on how politics might factor into the new album, and why choosing Paramore for the opening act was difficult. Also, it’s really not set in stone that ND will be performing “Stand and Deliver” […]

Final Video: Seven Days Of No Doubt – Vol. 7: "Spiderwebs"

Tony says that “Spiderwebs” was written at his parents’ house in Yorbalinda, California with him and Gwen sitting on his bed with a four-track recorder. The initial inspiration was Blondie’s cover of “The Tide Is High” (interesting, we always wished they would cover that song). Tony also wanted to point out that that is one […]

KROQ Adds Old Band Interviews And Performance Shots To Website

Looks like No Doubt is coming back home! The radio station that basically started it for them, 106.7 KROQ has a whole new No Doubt section where you can stream classic interviews with the band and view rare performance photos of the band. We screenshotted all the images and uploaded them to our gallery and […]

Seven Days Of No Doubt Vol. 4, "Simple Kind Of Life"

Day four of the series was posted today and in this one the band discusses “Simple Kind Of Life.” We don’t really hear anything new about it, but it does showcase some awesome footage of Gwen with a guitar writing the song. Just to hear her harmonizing gave us chills — best video yet! Check […]

Second Video Added To Tour Widget; Band Talks About Writing "New"; YouTube Video Added

Am I the only one who hates the videos in the widget? They never play for me correctly and the audio is off. I really hope the band decides to put these all on YouTube later on. Today, the band talks about writing “New” on the road during the Tragic Kingdom tour. Tom states that […]