Video: Gwen Interviewed on Good Morning America

Gwen sat down with Good Morning America this morning for a new quick interview and teased a sneak peek at the upcoming video for “Spark The Fire”. She describes the video as a “clash of this punk rock, kind of old-school feeling, club feeling, but this really modern emoji world.” Gwen finds working with Pharrell […]

Band Interviewed On New York's News 4 Tomorrow Morning; Video Added!

Thanks so much to Maribeth for the heads up, a commercial was running this afternoon mentioning there will be an interview with the band showing tomorrow morning on News 4 in New York City. Make sure to check out the show — it airs 5:00 AM – 7:00 AM. Make sure someone tapes it so […]

BSO Exclusive: Full Transcribed Elle Article!

Thanks so much to our lovely Christina who emailed me this morning the FULL transcribed Elle article for us! Wow, it’s such a good read, and it is really refreshing see to the light the author puts her in. Gwen is very honest and candid about all her projects, No Doubt, and herself. It seems […]

New Band Interview On Their Favorite Songs, Writing, And The Reunion

No Doubt gave a new interview with about how the song writing process is going, their favorite songs to play on tour, and how it feels being perceived as a “nostalgia” act. The interview took place as a conference call with Canadian reporters — they play Toronto, CAN tonight. The band thinks going out […]

Gwen Stefani Says Her Priorities Place Family First

Another take on the upcoming Elle article (on newsstands tomorrow) was found on stating how she is placing her family first when it comes to her priorities. She has always put the band first, referring to them as a “marriage” to her — but things have changed. She is married with two children… what […]

Manager Jim Guerinot On Tour: "I Think It's The Right Move"

Taken from, a new interview with No Doubt and band manager Jim Guerinot has popped up — mostly mentioning the same stuff — Gwen procrastinating, hating songwriting, wanting to get inspired out on the road, etc. I think the band’s quotes are rehashed from previous interviews. Jim sheds a little new light on the […]

CNN Interview: No Doubt Is Planning To Have Some Fun

No Doubt sat down with CNN recently for an interview (probably during their tour rehearsal in Ontario) about how they all just needed a break after constantly touring and needed time for their families and each other. The band mentions how they just all fit together — like siblings or being married (as Adro put […]

New Tom And Tony Interviews With Fuse; Closing Tour In Hawaii

Thanks so much to Rosie for all the updates — but new interviews with Tom and Tom from Bamboozle were featured in Fuse’s Number One Countdown last night. They talked about the upcoming tour, and Tony mentioned how they will be closing the tour in Hawaii — so all of those rumors of a South […]

No Doubt Talk Tour, Family, New Album And Much More With Tim Kash

Kudos to MTV for al the photos, videos, and exclusives! Here is just a behind the scenes story of Tim Kash’s interview with the band. We finally know what Gwen’s gold necklace says — “Stefani.” I wonder if MTV will be getting exclusives from Borgata tomorrow night? They better keep up the streak! For the […]

No Doubt Return To The Stage On 'TODAY' Show; Tom Responds On Forum

We were told by a couple fans that MTV was there this morning interviewing fans about the performances this morning — and they already posted the coverage! They also have some amazing photos they took from the show, we’re so jealous of you guys seeing them this weekend in New Jersey! We still have to […]

Tony: "Considering The Atlantic City Show A Warm Up"

We love all the press that Tony is giving! He gave a new interview with about the upcoming opening show in Atlantic City at the Borgata calling it a ‘warm up.’ He then goes on to talk about how they wanted to get out on the road, and they are still looking for a […]

New Interview With Tony: New Album Writing Put On Hold

So, Tony gave a really good new interview with The Aquarian and talked about the upcoming tour, the families on the road, and writing material for the new album is on pause right now. He feels that the band jumped into writing prematurely, and felt they needed to go out and recharge their batteries, since […]

New Tom Interview With OC Metblogs

A new interview with Tom has shown up on OC’s Metblogs and discusses how the band is still connected with Orange County, his new favorite bands, and how excited he is about bringing the whole family out on tour. BREAKDOWN Tom used to work at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater (back when it was Irvine Meadows) as […]

New Adrian Interview With Seattle's 107.7 The End

Woo! I finally found a local one! I was surprised (in a good way!) that Adrian actually called into our local alternative station here in Seattle, The End 107.7 a couple days ago to talk about the upcoming tour stop in our home town at White River. It seems as if the DJ has been […]

No Doubt 'All Agreed' On Gossip Girls Song

So, I like how they are taking Tom and Tony’s jokes about actually considering “I’m Too Sexy” and “Stairway To Heaven” seriously, but whatever. Anywho, MTV just posted an article basically recapping everything the band mentioned in the Entertainment Weekly interview from this morning. Most of the stars of “Gossip Girl” were probably in elementary […]