Janelle Monae And Hayley Williams Joined Band Onstage For "Stand And Deliver"

We’re still waiting for a video — but thanks to Bill for sending BSO the photo! Hopefully a video will be coming up shortly, but Gwen invited both Hayley Williams from Paramore and east coast opener Janelle Monae onstage with her tonight in Verona, New York during “Stand and Deliver!” We’ll update more with the […]

Paramore's Haley Williams Calls No Doubt One Of The "Biggest Bands Of Our Generation"

How cute — and we couldn’t agree more! Hayley William’s from Paramore just posted on her LiveJournal about the Philadelphia show a couple nights ago, and how it’s been her favorite date on the tour. Close to 25,000 people attended, and it blew her mind. She then goes on how amazing the tour is going, […]

Makeup Mastermind Looks At Gwen And Paramore's Haley Williams

Here is a cute article taken from buzznet.com comparing the looks between Gwen’s makeup and opener Paramore’s Hayley Williams. The author calls Gwen out on her perfect skin, and how awesome it is that Gwen has always been true to her “pale” self by not trying to cover it up with bronzer and such all […]

Video: Paramore And The Sounds Join No Doubt On "Stand And Deliver"

Cute! Not only did No Doubt bring back “Stand and Deliver” into the set list, but last night in Virginia Beach, Paramore and The Sounds joined the band onstage for the song! We we’re wondering when something like this would happen! We only have a short clip for now, but the sound is pretty good. […]

Paramore's Hayley Williams On Touring With No Doubt

Hayley from Paramore was recently interviewed by tampabay.com about how the tour is going, which she doesn’t give much details cause everyone is still in start mode. She’s been a huge No Doubt fan growing up, and listened to a lot of their early material. She’s not really bugged about the comparison between the two […]

Paramore's Hayley Williams On Touring With No Doubt This Summer

Paramore’s lead singer Hayley Williams sat down with Entertainment Weekly about their upcoming album apparently, but mentioned how excited she is to head out on the road this summer with ND. She said she has only talking to Gwen so far, but the band seems extremely grounded. Hayley says that when her band found out […]