Harajuku Lovers Snow Bunnies Collection Hits Stores In September; October For Europe

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I think it just came out with a better photo and announcing the launch of it in October for Europe. The limited edition Snow Bunnies collection for Harajuku Lovers fragrance hits stores in a couple months in 10ml bottles only. This was found on moodiereport.com, and they are […]

Gwen: "Harajuku Lovers Is Like A Never-Ending Art Project!"

We posted a couple days ago about the upcoming limited edition Snow Bunny bottles from Harajuku Lovers fragrance coming in September, but shoppingblog.com posted a little more information about the limited line, featuring the same scents but different bottles, and a really cute quote from Gwen basically clearing up that Harajuku Lovers isn’t going anywhere […]

Harajuku Lovers Fragrance Snow Bunnies Coming In September

Yay! I remember mentioning this sometime ago, but Harajuku Lovers will be releasing limited edition bottles for the fragrance featuring the characters in winter outfits coming in September! Taken from nstperfume.com, the Snow Bunnie bottles will be available in the 10 ml for $30, or the complete set for $100 in retailers coming soon. Gwen […]

Harajuku Lovers Opening First Free-Standing Store In Asia

Wooooah! We didn’t see this one coming, especially after all the rumors that Harajuku Lovers was done! Apparently, the line has pulled in close to $150-170 billion dollars! The flagship store will be opening in Taipei’s Xinyi District (Taiwan). It’s being looked at as a “market test,” and are considering more stores in Asia later […]

Harajuku Lovers Watches On Sale For $15 From Shop Adorn!

Holy crap! Thanks to Jillian for sending in, online retailer Shop Adorn are having a huge sale on Harajuku Lovers watches — they are going for $15 a piece! Check them out, I think I’m going to pick up a couple myself!

Rumor Patrol: Harajuku Lovers Coming To An End?

EDIT: SO SOME MACY’S DEPARTMENT STORES ARE SAYING THAT THEY WILL NOT BE CARRYING THE LINE ANYMORE. KEEP CHECKING BACK FOR MORE INFORMATION… So…I’ve gotten a couple emails about this, so I thought I better address it. A lot of you may have noticed that Harajuku Lovers’ official website is down. The page is coming […]

UK Fans Create Your Own Harajuku Lovers Fan Page And Win

Open to UK fans only (when you enter the site it even says “Sorry, UK EXCLUSIVE”), Harajuku Lovers wants you to create your own Facebook, MySpace, or Bebo fan page and you could win prizes! Good luck to everyone who enters and let us know what you win! http://www.hlfragrance.com/bestfan We are running a nationwide competition […]

New Harajuku Lovers Tees On Karmaloop

The Gwen 2 Tone Tank, $38 Thanks so much to itsdezduh for the heads up, new Harajuku Lovers tees have arrived to Karmaloop.com.

Rumor Patrol: New Harajuku Lovers Dolls Coming This Christmas

Sorry for the small picture — it’s the best one I could find at the moment of the print. I’m assuming it might be the “snow bunnies” they are talking about. Thanks to no doubt about it from the fourm, apparently it’s rumored that there will be another line of dolls coming out, Harajuku Lovers […]

Videos: Gwen Discusses Harajuku Lovers Fragrance With HSN

Thanks to GwenAnn, we’ve been looking for these for awhile! Anyways, here are Gwen’s interviews with HSN about the Harajuku Lovers fragrance that are now available through the shopping network. It looks like the interview was shot during the perfume’s photo shoot back in 2008. The interviews are pretty cute (and she looks stunning!) and […]

Harajuku Lovers Wants To Know What You Think About The Perfume Samples

I’m sure fans who requested the Harajuku Lovers fragrance sample who also provided their email addresses received this as well, but for those who haven’t…I got this in my inbox this morning asking for me to fill out a survey (takes about 5 minutes) on how you think about the fragrance and why you bought […]

Harajuku Lovers Shoes Re-Launch

We featured these a couple weeks ago, but Stiletto Jungle talks about how the upcoming line of Harajuku Lovers shoes will feature no sneakers, just flats and pumps for the time being. Given both the commercial and critical success of Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B. shoe line, I’m a little surprised it took so long to get […]

New Harajuku Lovers Wedges And Flats

Gwen is killing us with cuteness (don’t mind the pun)! Thanks to bdp.brea, heels.com just posted a bunch of cute new wedges and flats on their website, to die for! Dang it Gwen, we’re trying to save money here! They range from $59-$99. Check them out!

New Arrivals Are In At HarajukuLovers.com

Just received this in my inbox this morning, check out harajukulovers.com for new women’s arrivals, handbags, and children’s items. Remember you can get free shipping if you’re order is over $125.

Harajuku Lovers Kids Designs Are Getting Pulled From Shelves

Holy crap! In a new article from entertainmentandshowbiz.com, apparently some retailers are actually now pulling Harajuku Lovers for kids off of their shelves due to the choking hazard recall from the hoodies that happened a couple weeks ago. Designs penned by singer Gwen Stefani for kids have reportedly been taken off shelves in the U.S. […]