Gwen Stefani: What's Her Best Hair? put up a new poll for fans to vote which of her current hair styles your prefer: the classic up-done style for the twisty knots that she’s been wearing lately on tour. It looks like majority of voters prefer the messy up-do, with an overwhelming 96%, but we think the twisty knots suits her […]

No Doubt #6 On Yahoo!'s Top Searches For May 3

Yay! Looks like everyone is buzzing about the show last night! No Doubt came in at #6 on today’s top Yahoo! searches! And Gwen is also featured on the main page for her amazing new crazy punk doo that she’s been sporting — so glad we’re seeing it on the tour, too! A punked-out Gwen […]

No Doubt Live From Virgin Megastore In Costa Mesa, 4/13/2000

Woah! Thanks again to Rosie for finding and our buddy babefroman for uploading, check out these rare live clips taken of No Doubt’s live performance at the Virgin Megastore in Costa Mesa, California, April 13, 2000, a couple days after Return of Saturn was released. The clips include “Ex-Girlfriend,” “Sunday Morning,” “Simple Kind of Life,” […]