Dumont's Guitar Blog: Duotone, Refinished

Oooh, pretty! Tom updated his Guitar Blog this morning about how the tour has been going well for all of them — but can be exhausting at some times. He also showed off his new Duotone, which is an acoustic and electric guitar all in one! Fancy! Hello everyone! The tour has been going well. […]

Tom Updates Us On His Amp And Pedals For The Upcoming Tour

Tom is still keeping us updated on his Guitar Blog, and gave us a glimpse of his set up from the tour rehearsals a couple weeks ago. Looks good, buddy! Click on the link to view the rest of the photos he took — including a blurry close-up he took with his iPhone. And here […]

Dumont's Guitars: Week Two

Tom updated his new blog Dumont’s Guitars with updates on how his custom made guitars are coming along for the upcoming tour. Gah, we can’t wait to see how they turn out! They already look amazing! And here above you see a Hamer craftsman gluing the two halves of the Vector body together. I know […]

Seven Days Of No Doubt Vol. 4, "Simple Kind Of Life"

Day four of the series was posted today and in this one the band discusses “Simple Kind Of Life.” We don’t really hear anything new about it, but it does showcase some awesome footage of Gwen with a guitar writing the song. Just to hear her harmonizing gave us chills — best video yet! Check […]