Video: "Hollaback Girl" Featured In Upcoming DJ Hero Game

Woah — first solo news in awhile, not like it’s a bad thing (no offense, G!), but “Hollaback Girl” is going to be included in the upcoming Guitar Hero spinoff, DJ Hero. Thanks to Pocket Lint for the link, I found the video on YouTube that debuted last night. It’s actually featured in the trailer […]

“New” Posted To

The No Doubt track “New” has been added to

"New" Coming To Rock Band March 3 For Xbox

Good news Rock Band fans! “New” will finally be available for download on Xbox 360 starting March 3, 2009. The song was originally cut out of The Singles 1992-2003 version for the game, but is now being released on it’s own for $1.99 or 160 Microsoft points through the official Rock Band website for download. […]

Harajuku Lovers Targets Girl Gamers

Young female online gamers are probably a good market for Gwen Stefani. She vibes kinda like a gamer, and her creepily coquettish Harajuku Lovers label has a decidedly Bejeweled-friendly aesthetic. Soooo, from January 20 to February 1, Harajuku Lovers partnered with SPIL GAMES to organize an online scavenger hunt on, a site targeted to […]

More on No Doubt's tracks for Rock Band

This week, No Doubt comes to Rock Band/Rock Band 2 in the form of the full album The Singles 1992-2003. This is good news for a couple reasons. First, Rock Band has been in desperate need of more songs sung by female vocalists, and Gwen Stefani fits the bill perfectly. She’s still a rock singer, […]

Tracklisting for The Singles on Rock Band; no "New or "Trapped"

Yeay! The tracklisting for the release of The Singles for RockBand has been revealed! We knew they were cutting 2 tracks for the game, which ended up being “New” (which I thought would have worked well) and “Trapped In A Box” (which was expected.) Here is the list: 1.”Just a Girl” 2.”It’s My Life” 3.”Hey […]

The Singles Collection to be released for Rock Band

On December 9th, Rock Band will release No Doubt’s The Singles Collection. Thirteen tracks will be available for download on the Rock Band website as a full album or single song download.

"The Sweet Escape" included on new SingStar game

Gwen’s “The Sweet Escape” is included in the tracklisting for the karaoke type PlayStation game, SingStar Pop Vol. 2, schedulded for release in the next coming weeks. The game is coming out for PlayStation 3 only. Source

"Spiderwebs" included on new Guitar Hero game; available October 26

Yes! “Spiderwebs” will be included in the new Guitar Hero: World Tour game, being released on October 26! It was only available on the DS version of the game, but will now be available for consoles as well! The following article, and full setlist, I found on, Guitar Hero: World Tour has finally released […]