Photo: No Doubt Hanging Out With Chris Rock Before The Show

Thanks to Steve for sharing on his Facebook, check out this neat shot with comedian Chris Rock before the show in Boston, MA! Chris is a huge fan of the band — and look at little King! We also added a new backstage section to the gallery here!

Elle Takes A Look At Gwen's Style Through The Years

Yowzers! Elle put together an ammmazing slideshow of Gwen’s styles through the years — we all know she’s always had wicked style and totally gorgeous, but it’s just amazing to see how she’s blossomed. She truly is a style icon, and we couldn’t be more proud of Gwen! Her issue of Elle hits newstands soon! […]

More BSO Exclusive Photos From Tour Added

First off, I want to apologize for the lack of updates on BSO in the last week — I’m really, really sick and working a pretty hectic schedule so I’m finding all my free time sleeping and what not. I’m started to feel a little better and had some extra time before heading off to […]

Photos From Fresno, CA Added To The Gallery

Thanks to mikeoz from the NDC for sharing, but local Fresno paper Fresno Bee just posted some awesome shots from last night’s show on their website. I even picked up this morning’s paper before I left and nothing was in it. There should be more photos coming to the site soon, but we added them […]

Photos From Tiger Jam Added To The Gallery

Just wanted to mention that I added more photos from Tiger Jam in Las Vegas from Saturday to the gallery this morning. Just a heads up — we flew into Fresno, California last night and Dave and I will be hitting the road to Hollywood this afternoon together for Jimmy Kimmel tonight! We’ll have coverage […]

SPIN HQ Photos Added To Gallery

Yay! Thanks to Jebbi for sending in to us — we now have high quality images from the SPIN shoot of ND without the magazine creases and what not. They look great! Click here for the photos!

More Exclusive Tour Fan Photos Added To Gallery

Yay! Thanks again to everyone who’s been donating to BSO lately, we just added another set of amazing photos from the Atlantic City show to the gallery, courtesy of BaNaNaS39 and Amanda Graves for sending in this batch — they rock! Please keep sending in your photos to! And thanks to Kim for sending […]

First Review In; Official Set List; Photos Added To The Gallery

It’s officially started! First off — I want to thank my loyal visitors for sticking with me last night. It was getting pretty intense for awhile! I kind of went through and straightened up the post a little, and now you can see what tonight’s post might resemble with Bamboozle. We have made a separate […]

Gwen Tattoos Featured On KROQ.Com

Awweeesome! KROQ is starting a new section on their website dedicated to fans with band ink on them and Gwen is featured already a couple times in the gallery. We added them to our gallery as well (where you can check out some other tatts) — have one? Send it in to us! Side note […]

"Gwen Stefani Meets Steven Tyler Through Me" And "Gwen Stefani Goes Bowling!"

Aww! I found this really cute website,, and in one of the stories a guy shares that he was the one who introduced Gwen and Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler at the 1997 MTV VMAs. Look at Gwen! She’s so cute! This photo was taken at a hotel during the MTV VMA’s, which 10-15 years ago […]

Captures From No Doubt Summer Tour Annoucement

We’re happy to see that they are just as excited as we are! So, I was bored (with all the tour news in our faces) and I made about 40 new captures from the 2009 summer tour announcement yesterday and added them to our gallery. It’s so nice to have something fresh from the band, […]

New Leaked Mark Squires Band Photo

Thanks so much to our good buddy Blue In The Face from the forum for sharing, and Caro from, she found another photo (which we already added to our gallery) from the Mark Squires new band shoot. He is actually in the photo holding Gwen up, her face is priceless. We need more!

Gwen Celebrating The Launch Of Andrea Lieberman's Collection ALC

Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani and Ellen Pompeo looked ready for Spring in their white tops to celebrate the launch of Andrea Lieberman’s collection ALC at Barneys in LA yesterday. Gwen brought a very alert Zuma along to the party while Kingston had a park playdate with the Beckham boys. Jennifer spent last weekend in NYC […]

Better Quality Of 2004 Gwen Outtake

Thanks to Blue In The Face from the forum for finding, shot Gwen for an advertising campaign for the t-shirt company in 2004. We added the new version to the gallery.

Tony Arriving At 12th Annual "Friends and Family" Grammy Pre-Party

The No Doubt boys hit the Grammy circut in style this year! We added photos of Tony arriving at the 12th Annual “Friends and Family” Grammy Pre-Party last night to the gallery. More photos here