Videos: "Let's Get Back" Featuring A Fan In Toronto, CAN

Ha! Mystery solved! Although we really didn’t doubt him — George in fact did have the right lyrics — silly Gwen! Thanks to Salamon for the photo! Okay, this is Jenny, and I have to say a few words: Wooooooah! And no one deserved it more! It is so awesome so see Gwen doing this […]

Video: "Just A Girl" Fan Footage; Video Not Being Featured On Tour

Wow, well what a let down. So, after months of questioning why No Doubt was not showing the “Just A Girl” fan footage that hundreds of fans sent in… we now have an answer. And it’s not good. Apparently after months of trying to incorporate the footage into the tour… it’s not happening. So, our […]

Video: No Doubt Answers Your Questions

I went ahead and uploaded the video NBC posted last night of No Doubt sitting backstage in the green room after their performances yesterday morning answering fan’s questions that were submitted via online. One fan asks what the band’s favorite songs are to play live — Adrian answers that it changes pretty much every night […]