Photo: No Doubt Takes A Tour Of Niagara Falls

Thanks to vigilair for sharing, I noticed the other day on Steve’s Facebook that he added photos from his trip to Niagara Falls. Apparently the whole band was there (minus Gwen it looks like.) A tour guide update his blog about giving the band a tour of the famous landmark. How exciting would that be! […]

UK Fans Create Your Own Harajuku Lovers Fan Page And Win

Open to UK fans only (when you enter the site it even says “Sorry, UK EXCLUSIVE”), Harajuku Lovers wants you to create your own Facebook, MySpace, or Bebo fan page and you could win prizes! Good luck to everyone who enters and let us know what you win! We are running a nationwide competition […]

Flikr Photos: Behind the scenes of Harajuku Lovers float

Hello Harajuku Lovers! As you may have heard, this year’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade will feature an amazing NEW Harajuku Lovers float! We wanted you to have a first look before the festivities get underway, so check out our Flickr photostream. Of course, nothing beats seeing it in person, so below are the parade details […]

More campaigning for Harajuku Lovers fragrance coming; hitting UK soon

Gwen Stefani is bringing her signature Harajuku style to the world in a whole new way. To promote Gwen’s new fragrance line, Harajuku Lovers Fragrance, internationally acclaimed fragrance company COTY teamed up with LBi, the global marketing and technology agency, to launch a new interactive marketing campaign featuring an animated Gwen Stefani and her Harajuku […]

Harajuku Lovers on Facebook now, too

You can now find Harajuku Lovers fragrance on Facebook as well now! On thier page, you can take a quiz to find out ‘which Harajuku Girl are you?’ and participate in polls like what character is your favorite. Become a fan!