FAQs About Digital Download Code Send Out

So, a lot of fans have been e-mailing me asking why they haven’t received their digital download link yet. It can be answered very easily: If you bought tickets through the No Doubt Tour Club, you should have received the code on Tuesday. If you still cannot see it, and you did order through the […]

No Doubt Digital Catalog Download Codes Sent Out Today!

Woo! Club members — check your email! I just received my digital download links (in two parts, 615MB a piece!) and I’m downloading now! Can’t wait to hear “Stand and Deliver!” I guess they are sending out download links all at the same time, not depending on your show, which was thought to be the […]

Harajuku Lovers Wants To Know What You Think About The Perfume Samples

I’m sure fans who requested the Harajuku Lovers fragrance sample who also provided their email addresses received this as well, but for those who haven’t…I got this in my inbox this morning asking for me to fill out a survey (takes about 5 minutes) on how you think about the fragrance and why you bought […]