Road To Recovery Auction Starts Tonight; Charity Inititives

So I decided to take a day off — and I’m behind now! So, No Doubt have signed a couple items for the Road to Recovery auction on eBay which includes a signed L.A.M.B. handbag going for $500 (a pretty good deal) and a bass guitar signed by the whole band going for $250 — […]

Official Details On Tour Charity VIP Auctions From NoDoubt.Com

So, just listed all the details and names the charities that the proceeds from the VIP meet and greet packages they are offering on eBay for $2,000 a piece. It also mentions that all shows will be available eventually, they will go up in groups of 16. We love you, ND! No Doubt is […]

Gwen's eBay Numbers

I went looking online for Gwen’s eBay numbers (she was the top seller of the year) and I found them here: What’s in the Water?: This year, celeb moms-to-be were spotted everywhere, including on eBay. Buyers went bananas for rocker mom Gwen Stefani who had 27,626 related items sold. In addition, eBay buyers were star-struck […]

OCDP Snare Drum Signed by Members of No Doubt & Lit hit eBay

No Doubt’s autographed snare drum and Adrian’s signed amp have been added to the Make-A-Noise auction on eBay, in support of Lit’s drummer Adam that has recently been diagnosed with a brain tumor. It looks Adrian is the only one who signed the merch, probably just recently when he played with the band not too […]

No Doubt helping Lit drummer with auction; rare photos from band

Thanks so much to beaconstbimbo7 from the forum for finding, No Doubt are continuing to help out friend and drummer of the fellow OC band Lit, Allen Shellenberger, who was recently diagnosed with grade 4 malignant brain tumor. Lit is holding a charity auction on eBay for Allen and the hospital, and included is a […]