More Tour Photos Added To Official Site; BSO Needs Your Help

Sweet! It’s about time! No Doubt just added more photos from the tour to the official site this morning. It’s really nice to have some professional shots from later on in the set. They have some incredible black and white shots! Unfortunately they don’t specify dates on them so I just created a misc. album […]

No Doubt Launches Charitable Foundation

Just when you thought they couldn’t be any more amazing, we mentioned this over a week ago, but ND made it official by updating their website about their new foundation, No Doubt Foundation, that helps several charities in need and also serves as a reserve for emergency situations. You can find a link to the […]

SPIN HQ Photos Added To Gallery

Yay! Thanks to Jebbi for sending in to us — we now have high quality images from the SPIN shoot of ND without the magazine creases and what not. They look great! Click here for the photos!

No Doubt Closing The Bamboozle Festival With Over An Hour Long Setlist

The set times have been posted on and No Doubt are scheduled to hit the stage at 9:00 PM until 10:15 PM. Woo! Over an hour! They are closing the show and are coming on after another favorite of ours, Rise Against. What a show! So, we’re assuming this will not be a full […]