OC Register's Chula Vista Review: "Best Show Ever"

Woo! The tour is getting such great reviews, and Orange County Register was no exception. They thought the show last night in Chula Vista was “it’s best show ever.” The author does happen to have a love/hate relationship with the band, who was noted for getting kicked out of Gwen’s show for dissing the band/her […]

Video: Stage Diver Pisses Gwen Off In Chula Vista

Thanks to kobefan131 for uploading and sharing, apparently a stage diver got on stage last night in Chula Vista, and Gwen was not very happy, and ruined “Sunday Morning.” The stage diver busted up some guy’s face by jumping on him and his girlfriend. You can tell how Gwen’s mood just drops after the incident […]

No Doubt Finally Returns Home; New Quotes From The Band

No Doubt officially hit their first stop in Southern California last night in Chula Vista, and Orange County Register posted an article about how the band is coming home. They played in Chula Vista last night, and will return back later this summer. Some new Tom and Gwen quotes are featured in the article, making […]