Happy Birthday, Christina!

Woo! I just wanted to wish our lovely Christina a very, very Happy Birthday! She joined our team earlier this year and we are so grateful for everything that she has done! The fansite has grown so much since she’s been here, it’s incredible! Christina is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met! But […]

Video: BSO's Christina's "Just A Girl"

Aww! Who knew our little Christina was a comic! Our designer just submitted her “Just A Girl” video to nodoubt.com, and it is hilarious! She mocks the band’s video for the song — and included her two kitties and boyfriend! I love the whole Jill Stefani reference and the flower bit is hysterical! If her […]

Attention: Everybody Welcome Christina To The BSO Staff!

Woo! Yay! We have a special announcement to make: Christina from the incredible nodoubters.com and nxdscrapbook.com has now joined the BSO staff! She is wonderful, creative, and seems the most talented out of the bunch! Not only will she be our correspondent over the pond, Christina has signed on as head designer and will be […]