Photo: No Doubt On The Borgata After-Party Red Carpet

Finally! I added it to our Borgata after party album in our gallery. They look so good — taken May 2. I also went ahead and added after party photos from Tiger Jam (from May 16) that we were missing for some reason. I think we’re all caught up now!

Are You Ready?

Are you ready, No Doubters? The tour kicks off in officially a week from today in Las Vegas! BSO will be there all week bringing you the latest — video updates will be on the way as well! We leave on Tuesday for Vegas, and then will be flying to California on Sunday for Jimmy […]

More Exclusive Tour Fan Photos Added To Gallery

Yay! Thanks again to everyone who’s been donating to BSO lately, we just added another set of amazing photos from the Atlantic City show to the gallery, courtesy of BaNaNaS39 and Amanda Graves for sending in this batch — they rock! Please keep sending in your photos to! And thanks to Kim for sending […]

VH1 News Video: More Footage From Borgata Tour Rehearsal

Yay! I saw this on TV a couple days ago and was wondering if it was going to show up online… thanks Jillian! But just posted more footage of the band rehearsing at the Borgata on April 29, showcasing “Stand and Deliver.” It shows a really, super duper cute clip of Gwen bringing out […]

Videos: "Guns of Navarone" Cover And More

Thanks so much to Lina for uploading and sharing with us — check out a clip of No Doubt’s new instrumental cover of The Skatalite’s “Guns of Navarone” (one of my favorites — ever!) that they are performing on the tour. Also, I added a couple clips that fans have been asking me to post, […]

No Doubt: We're Back

Thank you, No Doubt. We love you.

First Review In; Official Set List; Photos Added To The Gallery

It’s officially started! First off — I want to thank my loyal visitors for sticking with me last night. It was getting pretty intense for awhile! I kind of went through and straightened up the post a little, and now you can see what tonight’s post might resemble with Bamboozle. We have made a separate […]

Video Spoilers: Atlantic City, NJ — Merch Details — More Added!

DO NOT CLICK PLAY IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO WATCH! Thank you surfie79, jenpero, sillylina and jarthurnd! All incoming photos WILL be put behind a cut… I’m not sure what to do with the videos… what does everyone want me to do? EDIT! Over 10 videos have now been added behind the cut! And […]

No Doubt Talk Tour, Family, New Album And Much More With Tim Kash

Kudos to MTV for al the photos, videos, and exclusives! Here is just a behind the scenes story of Tim Kash’s interview with the band. We finally know what Gwen’s gold necklace says — “Stefani.” I wonder if MTV will be getting exclusives from Borgata tomorrow night? They better keep up the streak! For the […]

Tony: "Considering The Atlantic City Show A Warm Up"

We love all the press that Tony is giving! He gave a new interview with about the upcoming opening show in Atlantic City at the Borgata calling it a ‘warm up.’ He then goes on to talk about how they wanted to get out on the road, and they are still looking for a […]

New Photos Of No Doubt's Tour Rehearsal

Sweet! just added a few new photos of No Doubt during their Borgata tour rehearsal on Tuesday… they look amazing! Oh my gosh! We are so 100% ready for the shows to start! We love the boots Gwen is rocking and the style! It looks like they are all playing around on the drums […]

Atlantic City, NJ Tour Club Ticket Pick Up Information

No Doubt updated the Tour Club site with information for Borgata Atlantic City, NJ ticket pick up information. All members will be receiving an email (or you can check out the site) 24-48 hours prior to your show for information! Here are the instructions for picking up Tour Club tickets for the Atlantic City show […]

Atlantic City May 2 Date Added To Official Site

We posted this earlier this month and we were worried that it wasn’t going to happen, but No Doubt did officially add the Atlantic City date May 2, a day before Bamboozle. No Doubt is also saying that is will be the first day of the tour, sorry Las Vegasers (and I’m one of them). […]