Dumont's Guitar Blog: Duotone, Refinished

Oooh, pretty! Tom updated his Guitar Blog this morning about how the tour has been going well for all of them — but can be exhausting at some times. He also showed off his new Duotone, which is an acoustic and electric guitar all in one! Fancy! Hello everyone! The tour has been going well. […]

Paramore's Haley Williams Calls No Doubt One Of The "Biggest Bands Of Our Generation"

How cute — and we couldn’t agree more! Hayley William’s from Paramore just posted on her LiveJournal about the Philadelphia show a couple nights ago, and how it’s been her favorite date on the tour. Close to 25,000 people attended, and it blew her mind. She then goes on how amazing the tour is going, […]

Reviews: No Doubt Kick Off Tour In Las Veags

Reviews are starting to pour in from last night (sorry our updates have kind of been on the fritz the last couple of days — we’ve been busy — but we’re trying to catch up!) People just posted a very positive take on the show, even highlighting “Just A Girl” when Gwen ran into the […]

Tom Updates Us On His Amp And Pedals For The Upcoming Tour

Tom is still keeping us updated on his Guitar Blog, and gave us a glimpse of his set up from the tour rehearsals a couple weeks ago. Looks good, buddy! Click on the link to view the rest of the photos he took — including a blurry close-up he took with his iPhone. And here […]

Week Three: Sanding The "V"

Taken from today’s entry on Dumont’s Guitars. Above, the Vector receives a fine sanding by hand. Please consider the binding which has been hand-cut and laid into place. The detail work is simply inspiring to me. Can’t wait to make music on that thing!

Dumont's Guitars: Week Two

Tom updated his new blog Dumont’s Guitars with updates on how his custom made guitars are coming along for the upcoming tour. Gah, we can’t wait to see how they turn out! They already look amazing! And here above you see a Hamer craftsman gluing the two halves of the Vector body together. I know […]

Janelle Monae Ready to "Pop Like A Firecracker" With No Doubt

Tour supporter Janelle Monae just blogged about her upcoming stops on the tour (which are mostly East Coast) and apparently has been a big No Doubt fan for years. As well, I will be on tour with No Doubt this Summer! I have always been a big No Doubt supporter, so I am thankful that […]

Tom's New Blog: Dumont's Guitars

Where have I been? I guess Tom has a new blog, Dumont’s Guitars, and he talks about how he’s getting a couple new custom made guitars for the upcoming tour, which will only be hitting North America — cause I know there has been buzz about an upcoming French stop and whatnot. I’m thinking they […]

The Sounds Blog On MySpace About Upcoming Tour With No Doubt

Thanks to Eli for sending in! The Sounds, another confirmed opening act for the summer tour, just blogged on MySpace about touring with No Doubt this summer. THE SOUNDS TO TOUR WITH NO DOUBT!!! Hey there everyone! We are very happy to be able to finally tell you all that we will be going on […]

Tom And Adrian At NAMM

Tom blogged again for us spilling that him and Adrian are going to do a signing at the Hamer/Kaman Music during the upcoming NAMM show in Anaheim on Saturday, January 17th. Quick note: I am doing an autograph signing session this Saturday, Jan 17th at 3:30pm at the Hamer/Kaman Music booth at the NAMM show, […]

Music Day

Eeek! Tom posted another blog on the official site today, what did we fans do to be so lucky! He mentions that were doing thier first “tour rehearsal,” how exciting! Another new photo, too! Hello again! Today Tony and I are at Adrian’s house, jamming in his basement. This is kind of the first official […]

Tony: Happy Holidays!

Tony posted a message on the official website this morning wishing fans a Happy Holiday! Hey Everyone! With the holidays upon us, I wanted to thank you all for the ongoing love and support you have given us over the past 22 years. We are so fueled by your enthusiasm and excitement and we can’t […]