Happy Birthday, Jenny!

Geo, Christina, Maribeth, and myself would would like to wish our favorite Webmaster Jenny a very Happy Birthday! Jenny puts so much effort into BSO, I admire her hard work and dedication to the band and our visitors. I can’t believe how fast time fly’s by! I hope she has a wonderful day and I’m […]

Happy Birthday Ace Dumont!

We can’t believe how fast there growing up! Ace Dumont turns 5 years old today! Everyone here at BSO wishes Ace & the Dumont family a very fun, happy, and memorable day!

Happy Birthday, Christina!

Woo! I just wanted to wish our lovely Christina a very, very Happy Birthday! She joined our team earlier this year and we are so grateful for everything that she has done! The fansite has grown so much since she’s been here, it’s incredible! Christina is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met! But […]

Video: No Doubt Teased Fans With "Tragic Kingdom" For A Birthday Request

Thanks to Shawn for sending in his photos! How awesome! Aww! No Doubt played not even half of “Tragic Kingdom” last night in New Jersey… “a little taste” or the “diet version” as Gwen said. A fan emailed me his story — he requested on a sign for the band to play the song for […]

Happy Birthday Eric Stefani!

Woo! Everyone here at Beacon Street Online would love to wish Mr. Paulina himself, Eric Stefani, a very Happy 42nd Birthday!

Video: Crowd Sings "Happy Birthday" To Kingston Last Night In Salt Lake City

Thanks to 2perishable for sharing with us, Gwen brought up Kingston on stage and asked the crowd to join in a round of “Happy Birthday” for him. King turns three years old today! Perez Hilton is also reporting it on his website, also usmagazine.com mentioned is this morning, saying Gwen brought him out asking if […]

Happy 3rd Birthday Ace Dumont!

Woo! Everyone at BSO just wanted to wish little cutie Ace Dumont (Tom and Mieke’s first son) a very happy 3rd birthday today! Hope the awesome dude has a great day! Nina also sent her Birthday wishes on the forum this morning! Happy Birthday to my boyfriend! I love you soooo much! xxx’s and ooo’s […]

Nina Responds On Forum To Mason's Birthday Wishes!

Nina’s the best! We love her! Adrian’s wife, Nina, responded on the forum to our birthday wishes to Mason with this! YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!! Thank you so much for all your well wishes to Mason. I showed the thread to him this morning and it put a huge smile on his face! We had a […]

Happy Birthday Mason Young!

Sadly, we don’t have better pictures… Everyone here at BSO wants to wish Adrian and Nina’s little boy Mason Young a very happy birthday! Our first No Doubt little guy turns 7 today!

A Note From Tom; Loved His E-Card!

Tom just updated the official site with a new blog/new photo of him (and Tony and Gwen in the background) today! He also mentioned something about “enormodomes” for the upcoming tour, which leaves me to believe they are doing arenas…hmm… hi there everyone. Tom here. just blogging today from the little home studio at Gwen’s […]

Happy Birthday, Tom Dumont!

Just wanted to wish Tom a very Happy Birthday from everyone here at Beacon Street Online and on behalf of all our visitors! “The Douche” turns 41 today and 2009 is going to be a very exciting year for all of us! A e-card was put together in honor of his birthday on the community […]

Happy 2nd Anniversary, The Sweet Escape!

Just wanted to wish The Sweet Escape a happy birthday, Gwen’s second solo album was released 2 years ago, today! And here is a performance of Gwen’s “The Sweet Escape” on Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards with Akon from March 31, 2007, in my opinion, one of the cutest TV performances of the song.

Stefani's Birthday Soundtrack

A big happy 39th birthday shout-out to the amazing Gwen Stefani who has become not only one of music’s most influential singers, but also a style icon and an absolutely adorable mother since blasting onto the scene in 1995. As part of No Doubt, Gwen launched an army of bindi-wearing, plaid pant owning tough girl […]

Video: Ellen DeGeneres singing "Happy Birthday" to Gwen

Thanks to much to saraybe from the forum for uploading, but on today’s episode of Ellen DeGeneres’ show, she gave a shoutout to Gwen and even sang “Happy Birthday” on air to her. And then came the cake! It’s a really sweet video!

Happy birthday, Gwen; fans video posted

Just wanted to wish Gwen Stefani a very happy birthday, who turns 39 today! Gwen has been an personal inspiration to us for the past 12 years, and we know that she will continue to suprise us for years to come. Gwen, we wish you well and send blessings to yourself and family. We love […]