Photo: No Doubt Hanging Out With Chris Rock Before The Show

Thanks to Steve for sharing on his Facebook, check out this neat shot with comedian Chris Rock before the show in Boston, MA! Chris is a huge fan of the band — and look at little King! We also added a new backstage section to the gallery here!

Fan Donations To BSO From Jimmy Kimmel And Ellen

Thanks so much to Scott for sending into us, check out this exclusive shots of ND arriving at their Jimmy Kimmel Live taping in Hollywood this past Monday. It looks like they lined up at the other gate towards the back lot — I was too busy standing in line to get into the show! […]

Video: No Doubt Answers Your Questions

I went ahead and uploaded the video NBC posted last night of No Doubt sitting backstage in the green room after their performances yesterday morning answering fan’s questions that were submitted via online. One fan asks what the band’s favorite songs are to play live — Adrian answers that it changes pretty much every night […]

Gwen Shoots Elle Magazine Cover!

  Wooooah! Did anyone see this coming! It looks like Gwen was spotted in Los Angeles yesterday (I guess she didn’t head to Vegas after all…) shooting a Elle magazine cover! Eeeep! Thanks to Just Jared for posting, check out the outfits she is sporting…we are in LOVE with the whole rude girl/Clockwork Orange/glam theme […]

Gwen Backstage Passes On Display At Hollywood Bowl Museum Today

Found on, apparently for one day only (today, February 6, 2009), the Hollywood Bowl is having a museum day, which is has backstage passes from Gwen on display, and happens to be a favorite. Of course, the focus is on the notably long and storied history of the fabulous, be-shelled Bowl, and the many […]